Citrix Upgraded

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By Carl Rosenfield and Jesse Thomas

The Citrix server was upgraded on Tuesday, August 13. The new environment has a new address (https://citrix.hamilton.edu), will require you to re-register for access, has a new client available, and is automatically setup to store files on a user's ESS or SSS space.

Highlights of the changes appear below. Please visit our Introduction to Citrix webpage for detailed information on the Citrix environment and on using the programs available through Citrix.

Re-registration Required

The new environment will require people to re-register for access (except for faculty members in Econ, Math and Psych). If you are not registered, you can still login to Citrix, but upon doing so will see a blank page without any applications and the message "There are no resources currently available for this user". There is a link at the bottom of that page that you can follow to register. After registering, you can click the circular arrow in the upper right hand part of the window to refresh the list of applications. 


New Web Address

The official URL will be: https://citrix.hamilton.edu. Use of the old URLs, including citrixweb and webcitrix, should be discontinued, but will work in the short term so existing bookmarks will resolve to the new environment.

Citrix Receiver

When logging into the new environment, you may be prompted to update the Citrix Receiver client. This isn't mandatory, but is recommended. Also, not all browsers (Chrome, Safari) support the detection of the Citrix Receiver, so you may be prompted to install the client, even though it's already installed. 

Drive Mappings

The old V:\ drive has been discontinued; now all Citrix profile data will be saved in a folder named "Citrix" in the users H:\ drive (ESS or SSS). Furthermore, when interacting with Open/Save dialogs in Citrix applications, the common folders (Documents, My Photos, etc.) are all redirected to the H:\Citrix folder. For example, when saving a document in Citrix, if you click on the Documents folder, it will end up in H:\Citrix\Documents. This should eliminate a lot of confusion about where documents were saved and how to access them outside of Citrix.

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