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Confidential and Sensitive Information

Love Your Neighbor, Lock Your Workstation

Human Resources and Payroll now LIVE on Colleague

Hill Card eAccounts to Launch 1/31/13

Events Calendar Upgrade

Support for Technology in Teaching

My New Year's Resolution: An Empty Inbox!

Web Editing Class Schedule

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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

Welcome back and Happy New Year! A variety of upgrades were completed over the break: My Hamilton is now optimized for mobile use, HR & Payroll are using a new system, the Events Calendar has a new look and functionality, and we took care of some items "under the hood" so to speak. Regardless of the technology changes that were made or will be made, the campus-wide information security initiative that began last year, will remain a focus for the coming year. Best wishes for a great semester!


Confidential and Sensitive Information
- David Smallen

The information security initiative, currently underway, is an effort to upgrade the policies, procedures and practices related to protecting confidential and sensitive information maintained by Hamilton. What exactly makes information confidential? More...


Love Your Neighbor, Lock Your Workstation
- Ryan Coyle

My wife has worked at the YMCA for many years. While it is an organization that espouses its Christian values, such as honesty, caring, respect and responsibility, it also deals with quite a bit of theft. To this end they have a slogan at the Y, called "Love your neighbor, lock your locker."

While I'm sure that Res Life has a similar motto, it's one that we can expand out to the computers and workstations that we use across campus. More...


Human Resources and Payroll now LIVE on Colleague - Shari Whiting & Marty Sweeney

The Hamilton HR/Payroll project team successfully completed the first payroll on our new system on January 4, 2013 for weekly employees. Implementing the Human Resources and Payroll modules on our current central information system (Colleague) will result in significant cost savings and process efficiencies that were previously not possible. More...


Hill Card eAccounts to Launch 1/ 31/13
- Irene Cornish & Marty Sweeney

The Hill Card online account management tool that enables students, parents and employees to deposit funds to the Hill Card will change on January 31, 2013. The current system known as eCard will be replaced by eAccounts. The transition should be seamless to cardholders, but there are changes to the log-in process and eAccounts brings enhancements to the system as well. The major changes and enhancements are outlined below. More about the changes and enhancements...


Events Calendar Upgrade - Maureen Scoones

As the Events Calendar Operations Group continues to tweak settings in the calendar to optimize the display of information and ease of making room reservations, we encourage you to continue to send us your questions and feedback to r25help@listserv.hamilton.edu.

Scheduling Procedures | Calendar FAQ |Calendar Demonstration Schedule


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Support for Technology in Teaching - Nikki Reynolds

Are you interested in using technology for one or more projects in your courses this spring? Are you wondering what other faculty can possibly being doing with technology in their courses? Just phone 859-4877, email course-support@hamilton.edu or browse the Technology in Teach Showcase for examples and ideas. More...

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My New Year's Resolution: An Empty Inbox! - Maureen Scoones

Did you make a resolution at the start of 2013? Yes, I vow to adopt a healthier lifestyle this year (the new Health & Wellness Program through Bassett Hospital is awesome!), I promise I'll organize my closets this year, and yes, maybe I'll even clean out my shed (does anyone need any potting containers?). What I would really like to do is empty out my email inbox, which is why I was intrigued with the Chronicle's Tech Therapy episode #102.

Do you have any tips & tricks to share on how you manage your inbox? Send them to me and I'll post some in next month's newsletter.

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Web Editing Class Schedule - Maureen Scoones

SiteManager classes and working sessions continue to be offered. Whether creating a page for your administrative office, academic department, student organization, or your own professional page, SiteManager, Hamilton's own web editing tool, can be used to create your web presence.

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