Hill Card eAccounts Launch

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Hill Card eAccounts Launch January 31, 2013

by Irene Cornish and Marty Sweeney

The Hill Card online account management tool that enables students, parents and employees to deposit funds to the Hill Card will change on January 31, 2013.  The current system known as eCard will be replaced by eAccounts.  The transition should be seamless to cardholders, but there are changes to the log-in process and eAccounts brings enhancements to the system as well.  The major changes and enhancements are outlined below.

Log-in Process

  • Students and employees will still link to the deposit tool through the Hill Card web page.
  • Users must select their user type – student or employee and will then log-in using their College email username and password to access their account. 
  • Parents and others who want to make guest deposits to student cards should select “Make a guest deposit” from the main eAccounts login page.  Additionally, instead of selecting the student name through a drop down menu, they will need to enter the student’s email address.

Deposit Verification Emails

The eAccounts system does not automatically send email verifications of deposits.  A depositor must indicate that an email receipt is desired and input the email address where it is to be sent.  Multiple email addresses can be entered so guest depositors can have a verification of a deposit sent to the Hill Card cardholder as well as themselves.


  • Hill Card account holders could always go online and “freeze” their Hill Card when lost or stolen, but only the Auxiliary Services office could “unfreeze” the card if it was found.  eAccounts allows cardholders to both freeze and unfreeze their Hill Card online.
  • eAccounts allows students to see all transactions related to their Board (dining) plan.  Students have often requested this capability but until eAccounts, it was not available.

  • eAccounts fixes the deposit issue that many cardholders reported when using a Mac with the Safari web browser.
  • eAccounts allows cardholders to safely store credit card information for ease of depositing, and to set up scheduled and recurring deposits to the Hill Card.

  • eAccounts operates in a hosted (secure, off-campus) server environment so ITS will be able to remove another physical server from the vast array of Blackboard hardware on campus.
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