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Back Me Up - Before You Go Go

What Do I Back Up?

When Do I Back Up?

Where Do I Back Up?

How Do I Back Up?

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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

This issue is dedicated to the topic of backing up your files. This past spring, ITS asked the College Community to complete the Measuring Information Services Outcomes (MISO) Survey. Through your responses, we learned that, as a community, we may not be backing up as frequently as we need to be, but there is a willingness to learn how to do so. This is only the start of our discussion. You'll be hearing much more from us in the months ahead.


Back Me Up - Before You Go Go - Ryan Coyle

Some of the most common questions that get asked of ITS are: What do I back up? When do I back up? Where do I back up? and How do I back up?

What is a backup?
Simply said, a backup is having more than one copy of your data in more than one location. There are, of course, some exceptions, but this is the general rule. If your data only lives on your computer, chances are you might be setting yourself up for a major issue if something should happen to your computer. Although computers are more reliable than they once were, they still fail from time to time. Let's make sure yours doesn't die with your critical data on it!

Being proactive about backing up your data will save you time, money and peace of mind in the long run.  The golden rule of backup is not to place all of your eggs in a single basket.  As sturdy as that basket may seem, you never know when it will break and you’ll find yourself with a bunch of broken eggs.

Who should back up?
Everyone! See the ITS security policy for more details.


What Do I Back Up?

What would your reaction be if you lost a particular Word document, email, picture, etc. from your computer? If your answer is cry, kick, or scream, that file should be backed up! More...


When Do I Back Up?

As frequently as necessary to protect your data. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Yearly or never are not options. More...


Where Do I Back up?

Hamilton employees and students can back up important documents to a variety of places. Our central servers: ESS, SSS, and Academic, have the added benefit of their own nightly backups, giving you even more peace of mind! More...


How Do I Back up?

Creating a backup can be automated through a program or can be as simple as dragging and dropping the file from one location to another.  More...


Web Editing Class Schedule - Maureen Scoones

SiteManager classes and working sessions continue to be offered. Whether creating a page for your administrative office, academic department, student organization, or your own professional page, SiteManager, Hamilton's own web editing tool, can be used to create your web presence.

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