July 2013

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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

Did you enjoy the heat wave? Given we are in the throes of summer, it's hard to believe that the fall semester is just around the corner. In this issue, Deborah Reichler provides information about publisher content available through Blackboard, changes in the HillConnect environment are highlighted, and we revisit the topic of the July 2012 newsletter. Are you backing up? Stay cool!


Publisher Content Now Available Through Blackboard - Deborah Reichler

Most publishers have additional digital content available for their textbooks (at an additional cost, of course). Some publishers have extensive online testing or assignment tools or even the ability to create your own textbook. Most of these tools can be integrated into Blackboard as long as you or your students have the appropriate publisher-provided key and/or account. Each publisher manages their digital content a bit differently, but, as you plan for fall courses, you may want to investigate what online content is available. More...


HillConnect: New Inbox Now Available
- Jesse Thomas

Google recently introduced a "new inbox" that's designed to help manage the sometimes overwhelming number of emails we receive - and it's now available for HillConnect. The new inbox groups certain types of messages into categories, which appear in tabs across the top of the web interface. More...


HillConnect: Quickly Add Labels - Maureen Scoones

I like to label my email messages, even though Google makes it easy for me to search for them. I just can't shake the feeling that I need to "put them away." For the longest time, I was labeling my messages by scrolling down my list of labels and then checking the box. One day, I noticed one of my colleagues typing the first few characters of the label, and voilà! No more scrolling! If you, like me weren't using the search box, hopefully you'll find this tip helpful.

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The New Spyware Threat: The Hidden Cost of Free Apps - Ryan Coyle

Last month, Ben Thomas wrote about phishing and malware threats on mobile devices. This month, I'll continue with the mobile device theme and talk about the hidden cost of free apps, or more like "free" apps. More...

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Are You Backing Up? - Maureen Scoones

Last July, we dedicated the ITS Newsletter to the topic of backing up. Now a year later, we ask again, are you backing up?

What do you back up?... When do you back up?... Where do you back up?... How do you back up?...

If you need any assistance backing up your files, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance (x4181, helpdesk@hamilton.edu).

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