June 2012

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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

As usual, the summer represents a time for ITS to upgrade systems and add or change existing services. Here are some updates on our activities thus far. Wishing everyone an enjoyable, safe, and cool summer!

ITS to Begin Loaning iPads
- Maureen Scoones

ITS is pleased to announce that it will begin loaning iPads to faculty and staff. More...

Lion – Roaring to a Mac Near You This Summer - Ryan Coyle

This summer if you're receiving a new Apple computer, it will come with Apple's newest desktop operating system, OSX Lion. Lion has over 250 new features, many of which are under the hood improvements to the way things work. Here are some of the features that might make the biggest impact on your day to day Mac usage. More...

Changes in Remote Desktop Use - Maureen Scoones

Beginning July 19, any Hamilton employee connecting to on-campus resources, from off-campus, using a Remote Desktop connection (Mac or Windows) will need to use a secure connection through what is known as a virtual private network (VPN) BEFORE using Remote Desktop. More...

MSS and Software Servers Retired - Carl Rosenfield

As announced via email, the Multimedia Storage Server (MSS) and the Software Server were retired from service on June 18, 2012. They were replaced with a single, larger storage sever named Academic.  More...

Power Shortcuts - Maureen Scoones

ITS subscribes to an online training library, Lynda.com, that contains over 1000 video tutorials you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Two new courses that were recently released are aimed at helping users uncover helpful and lesser-known techniques in the Office applications. Word 2010 Power Shortcuts and PowerPoint 2010 Power Shortcuts join the previously released Excel 2010 Power Shortcuts. While these titles are for the Windows applications, Mac users don't fret! You too can learn more about Word 2011, Excel 2011, and PowerPoint 2011.

Contact Maureen Scoones (mscoones@hamilton.edu, x4178) for an account.

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Google Apps Tips & Tricks - Maureen Scoones

As mentioned last month, Google Docs is becoming Google Drive. You can try it out before the change becomes permanent.

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Web Editing Class Schedule - Maureen Scoones

SiteManager classes and working sessions continue to be offered. Whether creating a page for your administrative office, academic department, student organization, or your own professional page, SiteManager, Hamilton's own web editing tool, can be used to create your web presence.

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