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Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the June 2012 Newsletter and was updated for inclusion in the August 2012 Newsletter.

MSS and Software Server Update

by Carl Rosenfield

As previously announced, the Multimedia Storage Server (MSS) and the Software Server were retired from service on June 18, 2012. They were replaced with a single, larger storage sever named Academic. Therefore, beginning Wednesday, June 20, users should log into \\academic instead of \\software or \\mss to access data that was stored on those servers. Faculty and students using an on-campus Windows computers to connect will also see a new K: drive mapping to the Academic server.


  • Only the  Software and MSS servers were replaced. Other servers, such as ESS and SSS, were completely unaffected by this change.
  • Not all data was moved, but no data was deleted. If you can't find something you need, call the support number, and we'll get you reconnected to your files.


View the Academic server guide

Contact the ITS Help Desk at x4181 or helpdesk@hamilton.edu:

  • If data you need did not get moved to the new server, or is in the wrong location on that server;
  • Or if you find you do not have the access permissions you expected to have.

Full details:
Unless otherwise requested, only data that was modified during the last two years was migrated. The data that was not modified in the past two years was archived, so no files were lost. Departmental and course specific information is stored in an appropriately titled folder inside the “departments” folder on academics. Due to the age of the Software and MSS servers, some file permissions are incorrect on those servers. ITS has attempted to correct these permission problems as part of the move, but you may still experience some permission access anomilies. If so, call the Help Desk at the support number above.

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