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By Ryan Coyle

Yahoo resurrected the dying horse and made it competitive again

It’s summer time, and the living’s easy.  You’re settling in for some fun with the family out on the beach or enjoying some much needed downtime.  Perhaps there are some summer weddings or family reunions in your future.  Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.  The question then becomes, what to do with them? 

You may want to try the newly redesigned Flickr.  The photo sharing site which was purchased by Yahoo in 2005 and subsequently almost left to rot, has received a massive overhaul as another part of Yahoo’s attempt to compete with similar services such as Instagram and Photobucket.  Among the changes made:

  • 1 TB of storage
  • new Photostream layout
  • full screen slideshow
  • batch organizing and editing

The terabyte of storage is the wow factor with this deal.  It currently amounts to 70 times more storage than anyone else offers for free.  That’s about 516,000 eight-megapixel images.  In addition to the massive amount of storage, you can upload images up to 200 megabyte in size each, which are some really big pictures.  There have been reports of a 300 megabyte monthly upload limit on photos, but personally, I haven’t hit it yet.  Just be aware that it may be out there in case you’re planning on migrating a ton of photos at once.

The photostream layout is also new, and presents your pictures as large images and not teeny-weeny thumbnails as was the past.  You can present your pictures as a full screen slideshow as well.

Editing can now be done to whole groups of photos as well.  You can tag, organize and assign permissions to whole batches of photos.

These changes level the playing field a bit and make the service competitive, if not the leader in the photo storage and sharing category.  I highly recommend if you get the chance to give the new Flickr a look see.

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