Resources to Enhance Your Teaching

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By Nikki Reynolds

Are you working hard to keep your students engaged while also staying current in your research? Would you like to try a slightly different approach to your teaching, but you just don’t have time to develop all that on your own right now? Why not let us help?

We have tools to help you enhance your ability to engage students and communicate to them clearly. To get ideas, just check the HILLgroup’s webpage on pedagogy. If you are interested in something, but don’t have time to explore it, just let us know by emailing course-support@hamilton.edu. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs and ideas, then do the necessary research to help integrate your ideas into your current teaching and research workflow. If you’re curious about what’s involved in the process, or need some examples to start your thinking, check out the HILLgroup Course Support page, and the “Best Practices Showcase” that is linked there.

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