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Office for your iPad

by Ryan Coyle

Cloud service provider Cloud-On provides the ability to use Microsoft Office 2010 applications on your tablet device.

If you have a tablet and use Microsoft Office, you’re probably wondering why Microsoft hasn’t released an application which would allow you to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your tablet. With a rumored release of Office for iOS and Android tentatively scheduled for a March 2013 release you’re probably starting to look at other alternatives. Despair not my fellow information workers. There is a third party app which has come to the rescue!

CloudOn is a 3rd party provider which allows you to open, edit, and save Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Unlike other apps you can connect your Google Drive (Hamilton or Personal), Dropbox or Box.net account to get full access to edit and share those files. The file manager allows you to save files to those services as well as open PDFs and view virtually any file type.

This is much more flexible than products such as OnLive Desktop, or Office HD. The nice part is that these are full versions of the applications and not stripped down parodies. The best part of the application is that it’s free, as opposed to $29.99 for the iWork suite, or $19.99 for Quickoffice Pro HD.

Please note: It does require you to create a free account to sign up and also requires an Internet connection to use.

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