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by Ted Fondak and Nikki Reynolds

Videoconferencing is one of the truly great ways to connect people to each other: It permits us to connect with family, friends, and colleagues; to bring guest speakers to classrooms and events; and to interview job candidates who can’t make the trip to campus. With the development of free and easy software services like Skype and Google+, there has been a surge in interest in computer-based videoconferencing across the Hamilton community.

In response to this interest, ITS created a comprehensive guide to videoconferencing solutions and what ITS can do to support them on-campus. This guide can be found at: http://www.hamilton.edu/its/rc/videoconferencing-guide

You will undoubtedly notice that there are many other options in addition to those covered--absent options may be perfectly suitable for your needs, but ITS has explored, evaluated, and selected the solutions based on their quality, reliability, and our ability to support them in a sustainable, predictable way.

In addition to this guide, ITS is creating four mobile Videoconference Carts, each "stationed" in a particular building: KJ, the Science Center, Burke Library and the Spencer House. Each one can be wheeled into any space in its building for use as a videoconference station. Each cart is equipped with: a large LCD screen; a high-fidelity videocamera and microphone; an ITS-managed computer with supported videoconferencing software installed; all of the necessary peripherals to operate the setup; and relevant documentation. If you are interested in using one of these carts in the near future, please phone the Audiovisual Services team in ITS at x4120. 

ITS is proud to deliver to Hamilton another way to connect with people! We encourage you to provide feedback and ideas so we can further enhance our support for this valuable conduit for communication.

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