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Join our Mobile Device Web Community!

By Ted Fondak

A few years ago, a Mobile Technology Committee comprised of ITS, Library, Levitt Center, and Language Center staff began researching mobile technology and the unique possibilities afforded by it. Since beginning our inquiry, we have

  • had conversations with and supported faculty, staff, and students who have brought smart devices--Androids, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Windows 8--to campus;

  • helped faculty and students integrate these tools into classes in almost every discipline;

  • configured hundreds of devices to access the Hamilton network;

  • hosted events during which members of the community have shared their smart device experiences with other members of the community;

  • twice hosted a thousand-plus-attendee Mobile Technology Conference;

  • created a pool of tablets and a virtual community of practice so faculty can easily experiment with mobile technology and share their discoveries with others without having to surmount the considerable hurdle of acquiring costly devices without initial evaluation.

The common theme in all of these endeavors is a desire to create conversations and communities around these technologies. We want to learn from you, partner with you, help you discover mobile technology, and figure out whether it might or might not be useful to you in your efforts.

But while there is a lot of interest and focus on mobile technology in ITS, the Mobile Technology Committee knows there is even more experience and passion in aggregate in the community. The committee wants to help you engage with us and others about mobile technology--we want to help you learn how others are using the devices, share your own knowledge, and together build a useful compendium of the combined wisdom and experience in our community.

To that end, we created and heartily invite you to join and help develop our ever-growing online Mobile Device Web Community, which is located at: http://my.hamilton.edu/its/rc/mobile-devices-resource-page

This website has only recently come into being, so your contributions will be invaluable in shaping it into a resource for the community and by the community. How to become involved? That’s a great question! Please feel free either to communicate with us via the comment module at the bottom of each and every page on the site or e-mail mobiletech@hamilton.edu. What to communicate? In addition to anything and everything you would like to share about mobile technology, here are a few suggested topics to get started:

  • what you use and why and how you use it;

  • the site itself, its functions,  its layout, its content;

  • share a feature that you would like to see on the site (e.g. video interviews)

  • request a page be developed for your use, discipline, or interest;

  • to ask questions about anything you find on the site;

  • to ascertain if something on the site might be useful for your own purposes;

  • to be connected with people using the information you find on the site.
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