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Recruiting the Class of 2018, Paperlessly

By Maureen Scoones

Applications, transcripts, recommendations, and other related application materials for the class of 2018 won't exist in the typical printed student folder as has been the case for years (evidenced by overflowing basements in the Siuda House, Elihu Root House, and the Anderson-Connell Alumni Center).

In March 2013, Hyland Software's OnBase enterprise content management solution (also known as a document management system) was purchased after nearly a year of research.

Since that time members of ITS, and the Admission and Registrar offices have been working on implementing the new system, first in the Office of Admission.  The new system went live on October 25, 2013. All application materials for students will either be received electronically or scanned into the system, and are tied to a student's Colleague (our student information system that ultimately feeds WebAdvisor) record. Admission Officers will be reviewing applications using this new system, reading online.

Going paperless is less about reclaiming valuable space previously occupied by file drawers and more about working efficiently (no more lost folders), but most of all, this initiative helps Hamilton employees fulfill Hamilton’s commitment to service excellence, and contributing to our efforts to foster an enduring community where students can find their future.

This new document management system is applicable to many areas across campus. As soon as the Admission Office implementation is completed, we'll begin planning for the student record continuing on to the Registrar's Office and beyond while exploring other areas of use.

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