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7th Heaven: Getting Your I-devices Ready for the iOS Release

By Ryan Coyle

Already updated your personal device to iOS7?

Beware, you can't go back! Therefore, you may be interested in reading this article found by Ben Thomas: Top 10 Battery Saving Tips While Using iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad

Well, the long wait is over. On September 18, Apple released the newest version of iOS to users of its mobile devices. There's been plenty of hype and speculation regarding the new release. Here are some things you should do, before you get ready to update your personal devices. If you have a Hamilton barcoded iPad, stay tuned for more advice from us before attempting to update.

  • Check compatibility – iOS 7 is compatible with the following i-Devices: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, iPod touch 5th Generation (16GB/32GB/64GB), iPad 2, iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini.  If you’re not sure what model you have, you can either connect your device to iTunes, or check out these links: iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Delete Unused Apps – The general rule of thumb that I have with apps is the two month rule.  If I haven’t opened it or used it in the last two months, I probably don’t need it anymore.  I was at a wedding a few months back and installed one of those apps which listens to the song, IDs it, and gives you the lyrics.  It was cool at the time, but that puppy’s been gathering dust for the last 3-4 months.  Time to let it go.  To uninstall an App, tap and hold on it until it shakes.  Then click on the X in the upper left corner.
  • Update what’s left – In the next few days, App vendors will be releasing a plethora of updates as everyone rushes to get their App ready for iOS 7.  Expect pretty much every App you have installed to require updating, however, make a note of any apps that are not yet compatible with iOS7.   The good news is, there’s less to update now that you just purged yourself of all the Apps you weren’t using.   Unless, of course, if you’re following these instructions in non-chronological order.  In that case, shame on you.
  • Back up that bus! – Before you say goodbye to iOS 6, it’s always a good idea to back up.  In general it’s always a good idea to back up, but any time before you install a major system update like this, back it up.  In case I didn’t mention it strongly enough, back up your device first.  This will save you in the unlikely event that something happens during the update (small chance, but chance nonetheless).  My recommendation also, may be that if you normally back up your device to iCloud that you actually use iTunes to make a backup this time.  There’s no uninstall button or revert, but at least if you run into some trouble, you know you have a back up. 
  • Update iTunes – In the off chance that Apple’s obnoxious iTunes updating hasn’t turned you off to updating it, now’s a good chance to revisit it.  Before iOS updates Apple will almost always release a new version of iTunes.  These updates usually bring compatibility with the new OS and for new devices.  Better to do it sooner rather than later.
  • Exercise patience – Like a kid at a candy store, sometimes restraint is difficult to find.  If you can though, summon the willpower to wait a little bit before performing the update.  The truth of the matter is that there were literally millions of devices that became eligible for the update when it went live.  While Apple generally does a good job of scaling these kinds of updates out, its systems do get slammed when an update goes live.   Better to wait a few days until the coast clears.  The chances of your update going smoothly increase dramatically.
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