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Last updated: March 27, 2023

Rented Films and Videos

Media materials are rented, by contract, for a specific occasion. If a film is to be open to more than just the students in a class, it must be rented for an "open showing", which allows for on-campus advertising and an audience larger than a class of students.

  • If a student is unable to attend the scheduled showing, and you want to schedule a second showing, that must be arranged before the rental is ordered and made a part of the film or video rental contract. Many companies charge an extra fee to show a film or video a second time, even if for a single student from the original class.
  • Rented materials cannot be placed on reserve at Burke Library.
  • Rented materials cannot be shown in Burke Library for a student who may miss the original showing. The additional showing in a classroom must be scheduled by the AVS Coordinator and added to the rental contract.
  • College facilities and equipment cannot be used to show media that have not been legally obtained for public showings. Videos that you have rented or purchased from a store and those that are obtained through a subscription service such as Netflix, do not constitute legally obtained copies for open showings. This includes movies streamed from sources on the Internet. It is, however, permissible to use these videos for classroom showings.

Burke Library Materials

  • Films and videos owned by Burke Library are generally purchased for classroom use only.
  • These media cannot be used for a public showing and therefore cannot be advertised, even to the campus community.
  • Showings of these media cannot be opened to students outside your class.
  • In some cases, you can purchase a public performance license that will allow you to advertise a showing of a library item. Contact the AVS Coordinator for assistance.

Music Library Materials

  • The Music Library collection is a closed collection. Materials cannot be signed out without the express consent of the Music Library Coordinator.
  • If the Music Library Coordinator grants permission and the material you want constitutes less than 10% of the total work, a CD copy can be made for you by either the Music Library or the AVS Team.

Programs Recorded Off-Air

  • Broadcast programs may be taped off-air only by nonprofit educational institutions, for use in instruction and not for entertainment. A broadcast may be recorded and retained by the educational institution for a period of 45 calendar days after the recording date.
  • At the end of that period, the recording must be erased. Off-air recordings may be used once by a teacher, and can be repeated once for instructional reinforcement.
  • The showing must be in a classroom, and must take place within the first 10 consecutive school days following the broadcast.
  • A teacher must request a program be recorded. Programs cannot be recorded by AVS in anticipation of a request.
  • After the first 10 consecutive school days, a tape may be used by a teacher only to review and determine whether to purchase the program or not.
  • All copies of off-air recordings must include the copyright notices displayed on the program.

Faculty-Owned Videos

  • Videos purchased by you or by your department may be used in a classroom, but cannot be used for an open showing to students outside your class and cannot be advertised on campus.
  • Videos you have taped off-air at your home cannot be shown in the classroom. AVS can make an off-air tape at your request, or it may be possible to rent or purchase a program through appropriate channels.

Use of Media by Guest Lecturers

If a guest artist or lecturer brings audiovisual materials (film or video) for use in their program, we need to know that they have permission to use those items. We have a form for them to sign declaring such.

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