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Other institutions have created numerous tutorials and tip sheets. Following are links to some of the best available. (Please note that any references to account information, course setup, contacting the helpdesk, etc., on these pages refers to the originating institution, not to Hamilton College.)

Blackboard has a set of video tutorials for students.

Tulsa Community College just produced brand-new Blackboard Student Tutorials, both PDF and Flash video.

Northern Illinois University has great set of guides for students on Using Blackboard.

USC has produced a number of Blackboard How-to Movies for students.

The University of Idaho has some nicely-illustrated Online Help for students.

Montclair State University has a nice set of Documentation and Videos for students.

Lakeland Community College has produced a five-minute Introduction to Blackboard 9 for students.

And don't forget the User's Manual, accessible from any course (via the Tools area). 


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Last updated: May 17, 2017

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