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Camtasia Studio Instructions

Table of Contents

Recording an In-Person Interview

Recording a Videoconference Interview

HillConnect configuration
Initiating a chat
Recording an Interview

Notate Bene

Recording an In-Person Interview

1. Open Camtasia Studio 7.
2. Go to Tools – Record Camera in the top menu bar.

3. Click Properties - Camera Control to adjust zoom, exposure, and other options.  Click OK once finished.

4. Position the camera so the interviewer and interviewee are nicely framed.
5. Click Start Recording to begin recording.

6. Click Stop Recording once the interview is complete.

7. A window will prompt you to assign the file a name and location. Create a New Folder with the client’s name either on the Desktop or in My Documents.  Give the file an appropriate name, i.e. Fondak11282010
H. Click Save.

8. Close Camtasia Studio 7, choosing to NOT save the Untitled project.

9. Double-click the file in the folder to play it back.

Recording a Videoconference Interview

1. HillConnect configuration

a. Ensure that the client has installed the Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin.  Electronic documentation for the process is available on the ITS website.  Search keyphrase “Career Center.”
b. Ask the student to sign into HillConnect (Webmail) and activate Chat.
c. Open your web browser of choice, e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome.  Navigate to HillConnect via My Hamilton or
d. The chat application is located in the left column below your labels.  Click the “+ “ icon to the left of your full name.
e. Click Sign into Chat.  This option will not be available if you are already logged into chat.

f. Click the Add field and type the name of the student with whom you wish to chat.
g. When their name is displayed in the menu that appears, hover over it with your mouse and move it over to the menu that appears beside the list of names.
h. Select the Invite to Chat option.

i. Click Send Invite in the window that pops up.

j.  Instruct your client to accept the (instantaneous) invitation.
k.  You should see their name prefixed by a colored button in your Chat list.


  1. B. Initiating a Chat

a. Mouse over the name of the client in your list with whom you wish to chat and click the Chat button in their contact “card.”

b. Click the Camera icon in the chat window to begin the videoconference.

c. The videoconference will fully initiate when they click the Accept button in their chat window.

2. Recording an Interview

a. Open Camtasia Studio 7.
b. Click Tools – Record the Screen.

c. In the pop-up toolbar, choose Full Screen and ensure that Audio is on.

d. Click the downward-facing triangle to the right of the Microphone.
e. Ensure Record System Audio is checked.

f. Click rec to record.
g. Return to the HillConnect chat and select the nested picture button in the chat window to enter Full Screen mode.

h. Press F10 when you are finished recording.
i. Click the nested picture button in the upper-left-hand corner to exit Full Screen mode.
j. You may review the video in the Preview window using the standard tools at the bottom of the screen.

1. Click Shrink to Fit to see the entire screen.

k. Click Produce when you're finished reviewing to save the file.

l. Enter appropriate text in the File Name field.  Choose an appropriate, easily-accessible location to save the recorded file.

1. Recommendations: A folder either on the Desktop or in My Documents.

m. Click Save.

n. The Production Wizard window will appear.  Select HD in the pull-down menu.
o. Click Next.

p. Re-enter the name you chose in Step 12.
q. Save the video to the same location that you chose in Step 12.
r. Uncheck Show production results and Play video after production.
s. Click Finish.

t. Your computer will render the file.

u. The video will be available in the folder in which you saved the file.

Notate Bene

1. The videos you save will consume a great deal of space on your hard drive.  Please be sure to keep track of your videos regularly, i.e. Delete them once-monthly. 
2. Should you wish to preserve videos or share them with clients, please contact Course Support ( for instructions.

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Last updated: March 23, 2018


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