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Users of Firefox 30 and above may find it impossible to open Citrix applications from citrixweb.hamilton.edu

The cause of this problem is a Firefox plug-in for Citrix that must be manually activated for it to function properly. The following procedure will set the plug-in to automatically launch every time you attempt to launch a Citrix app: 

  1. In Firefox, first attempt to launch a Citrix app at http://citrixweb.hamilton.edu (instructions here;)
  2. If the Citrix app fails to launch, go to Tools  (On a Mac, click Tools in the top menu bar -- on a PC, hit the ALT key on your keyboard and click Tools in the menu bar that appears.)
  3. Select Add-Ons.


  1. Navigate to the Plug-ins section.
  2. Find the Citrix Receiver Plug-in (it will have a version number after the name.)
  3. In the pull-down menu on the right side of the entry, choose Always Activate.

  1. Repeat step six to "always activate" the Citrix Online App Detector Plugin.
  2. Close the Add-Ons screen;
  3. Attempt to launch the Citrix app.

The app should launch automatically. If it does not, please contact the Help Desk at (315) 859-4181, or x4181 from a campus phone.


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Last updated: October 6, 2017

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