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About Clickers

Clickers are used in educational settings to support student response, with the purpose of creating interaction between the instructor and the student. The Wikipedia article on audience response system lists many benefits to using audience response systems, including:

  • Improving Attentiveness
  • Increase Knowledge Retention
  • Anonymous Polling
  • Individual Response Tracking
  • Immediate Display of Polling Results
  • Creation of a Fun and Interactive Learning Environment
  • Immediate Confirmation of Student Understand of Key Points
  • Data Gathering for Reporting and Analysis

iclicker Management

iClickers may be loaned out to students individually, in which case the student is required to pay for damaged or non-functional clickers or iclickers can be distributed in class and collected at the end of class, in which case the student is not responsible for the clicker or the replacement of the batteries.

Purchasing iclickers

If you would like to purchase iClickers, please fill out the Clicker Purchase Request Form, and someone from Research & Instructional Design will contact you.

iclicker Loaner Pack

LITS maintains a batch of clickers for special (one-time) event use. The clicker loaner pack includes one receiver, up to 53 clickers, one instructor clicker, a USB key with the clicker software preinstalled, and a carrying case. Borrowing the iClicker Loaner pack requires 48 hrs advance submission of the Clicker Loaner Request Form.
Upon submitting a request, you will be contacted to schedule a 15 minute orientation session and to confirm your reservation.


Please refer to this webpage from Macmillan for information on how to integrate iClickers with Blackboard.  

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about clicker technology and potential uses, please contact Research and Instructional Design at 315-859-4877, or e-mail course-support@hamilton.edu.


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Last updated: July 10, 2017

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