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Connecting to SSS in Windows XP


This document explains how to connect to the Student Storage Server (SSS) with Windows XP while on-campus.

Mapping a Network Drive

You can map a network drive in Windows XP so that you can easily access your SSS space.

  1.  To set up a mapped drive go to Start, right click on My Computer, and select Map Network Drive.

select Map Network Drive

  1. Next to Drive:, set the letter to H: or any other available letter.
  2. Next to Folder:, using your username, enter \\sss\username$. For example, if your name was Abraham Lincoln you would enter \\sss\alincoln$. Check the box to Reconnect at logon. Click on Connect using a different user name.

Check the box to Reconnect at logon and Connect using a different user name

  1. Using your username, enter hamilton-s\username next to User Name. For example, if your name was Abraham Lincoln, you would enter hamilton-s\alincoln. Enter your network password next to Password. This password is likely to be the same as your e-mail password. If it is not, you can synchronize them following the directions here

synchronize passwords

  1. After entering the information as outlined above, click OK. You will be back at the first dialog box pictured in step 3. Click Finish. Your SSS folder will be mapped as the drive you specified in step 3. Simply open My Computer and it will be listed under Network Drives.

Using a Run Command

You can also get to your SSS folder by going to Start and clicking on Run. Using your username, enter \\sss\username$. For example, if your name was Abraham Lincoln you would enter \\sss\alincoln$.

using the run command

A window may pop up asking for your user name and password, much like the one in the figure for step 4 above. Follow the same procedure outlined in step 4 to authenticate. After doing so, your SSS folder should open.

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Last updated: December 2, 2022


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