Creating Email Lists from the Hamilton College Directory

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  1. Navigate to the  Hamilton College Directory , choose Full Directory, and select whether you are interested in Students, Employees or the Entire Community.
  2. Type the text you wish to search on in the Enter search text field.
  3.  When the list comes up, click on Export.
  4. Open the exported file in Excel.
  5. Look through the fields you have, and delete any "extra" entries.
  6. Create a column, such as Full Address to hold the email address that you will actually use when you email this group of people.
  7.  Use the Excel concatenate function to merge the username with "@hamilton.edu" to create the full address. Here is an example: "=CONCATENATE(F2,"@hamilton.edu")
  8. Use Autofill to copy the function into all the cells in the column by dragging the small dot in the lower right of the cell through all the lower cells.
  9.  Be sure to save this file before continuing.
  10.  Next, copy the Full Address column, and paste it into the To: field of your HillConnect email message.
  11. Click on the Subject field to have HillConnect email automatically comma-separate the list.


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Last updated: June 8, 2016

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