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Embedding Video in PowerPoint on Windows 8

Inserting a Compressed Video

First create a folder and place the movie you want to add to the PowerPoint inside the folder. Note: If you want to be able to play this video on another computer, make sure the file type you are using is supported.

Save your PowerPoint to the same location of the movie.

To embed a compressed video clip in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab,click Video->Video on my PC, and then navigate to the folder that contains the video.

 Once you highlighted the movie you want, click the Insert button.

Adjusting Videos in the Presentation

To change the size of the video hover over one of the corners until a diagonal double-sided arrow appears, now click and drag the video to a desired size.

To change the location hover over one of the sides of the video until a four-arrow cross appears, then click and hold down the mouse while dragging to a desired location.

Previewing your Presentation and Saving

To view your PowerPoint video click the View Tab and click the Slide Show button.

Save the PowerPoint and Copy the folder with the video and PowerPoint to the location you want to store it (i.e. SSS, USB Drive, etc.)

NOTE: Not all computers have the same specifications; so make sure you are using a compressed file type that will work on the computer you will be presenting.

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Last updated: March 23, 2018


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