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Embedding Video in Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac OS X

Inserting a Compressed Video

First, create a folder and place the movie you want to add to the PowerPoint inside the folder. Note: If you want to be able to play this video in PowerPoint on a Windows computer, use a compression type such as wmv.

Save your PowerPoint to the same location of the movie.
Note: In order for your movie to work in powerpoint, both files will have to remain in the same folder.

To embed a compressed video clip in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to the Home panel, click on the Media button, select Movie from File  and then navigate to the folder that contains the movie. Once you have highlighted the movie you want, click the Insert button.


Adjusting Videos in the Presentation

Changing the Size and Dimension of the Video

Start by clicking on the video from within Powerpoint. Notice that a frame appears with gray dots on the corners and the centers of each edge, as well as one green dot. Now, drag any of the gray dots to adjust the size of the video. If you want to rotate the video, drag the green dot to the right or the left until you have reached the desired rotation.

Adjusting the Location of the Video

To change the location of the video, move your mouse over the video, click, and drag to the desired location. When you hover over the video you should see a cross-hair with 4 arrows pointing out under the pointer.

Previewing your Presentation and Saving

To see your video within the slideshow, simply start the slideshow by clicking the Play button under the video.


When your finished, save the PowerPoint and copy the folder with the video and PowerPoint to the location you want to store it (i.e. SSS, USB Drive, etc.)

NOTE: Not all computers have the same specifications; so make sure you are using a compressed file type that will work on the computer you will be presenting.

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Last updated: February 8, 2021


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