Exporting Video from Adobe Premiere

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Exporting will create a self contained movie file that will be easy to transfer and play on different computers. However, there are multiple ways to export your video and the one you choose will depend on your needs and intended use. Here's a quick walkthrough of the process.

  1. Making sure the timeline of your project is active, go to the File menu in Premiere and select Export -> Media.


  1. Now, the Export Settings window will appear. Here is where you set up how you want your video to be exported. For our purposes, you only have to worry about the Format, Preset, and Output Name fields. To start, make sure the Format field is set to H.264.


  1. Next, click the dropdown menu next to Preset. In this menu, there are five selections that are separated from the rest and shown at the top. If you shot your footage in standard definition (SD), then select one of the top two options depending on whether what you capture is in widescreen or not. If your footage is high definition (HD), than you will want to choose one of the 3 bottom options.

The numbers 1080p and 720p are referring to the height, in pixels, of the final video. This width makes a difference in the resolution, or quality of the final video. Keep in mind however, that more pixels leads to a larger file size. So 1080p video takes more storage space than 720p video

NOTE: If you did not capture HD footage, you don't want to output in one of the HD settings. Use one of the top two SD settings. 

  1. Once you've chosen the appropriate preset, you need to change the save location and file name. Doing this is not inherently obvious. Click on the item in the Output Name field, which will be shown as your sequence name followed by .mp4. This will open up the following window. 

  1. From here, give your movie a name in the Save As field, and change the location to an appropriate one, like the Desktop. Then simply click Save.

Note: The default save location will not work. You must select a new location!

  1. When you're all finished changing the settings mentioned above, simply click the Export button in the Export Settings window.

Note: The file size of your final video will be previewed in the Estimated File Size field, located above the Metadata button.


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Last updated: June 8, 2016

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