Faculty Media Workstation

Research & Instructional Design

The Faculty Media Workstation, located within LITS on the third floor of Burke Library, is a development and production workspace specifically for faculty use. In this space, faculty can explore multimedia software (e.g. graphics, audio, and video). This space is intended for multimodal project development and production independently or in consultation with instructional technologists. To make an appointment or reserve time to work in this facility, just email RID@listserv.hamilton.edu.

Faculty Media Workstation Policies

Camera & Peripheral Equipment Loan – Faculty can borrow peripheral equipment for academic project development from the Faculty Media Workstation (FMWS) for up to two weeks at a time.  Students may borrow from a separate group of course support cameras with faculty permission emailed to RID@listserv.hamilton.edu.

Project Storage and File Management – Projects created on the faculty media workstation are the responsibility of the creator.  We attempt to back-up all projects on the FMWS scratch disk to another local hard drive.  We will maintain a copy of all project work we have a backed-up for 4 months.  We  suggest that an archive quality copy of each project be made and taken by the author as soon as the project is finished. All projects older than 4 months will be deleted from the workstation and back-up drives.


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Last updated: June 8, 2016

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