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Our site license includes all courses at the ESRI Training Center for all users. ESRI also hosts the introductory website, What Is GIS?

In addition to many community bulletin boards and other resources, ESRI also has an ArcGIS Blog with tips on how to make great maps.

A Gentle Introduction to GIS uses the free and open-source Quantum GIS software, but the concepts are valid for any GIS.

Visit the GIS Lounge of the American Association of Geographers for software, data, and other types of support.

You might find some useful information at GIS Wiki or have your questions answered at GIS Stack Exchange.

The GIS Cafe-Universities is another web community/clearinghouse for all kinds of GIS information and activity.

Here are a couple of online journals: The Journal of Maps and Directions Magazine.

The Master's in Data Science site includes a long list of geospatial information resources, such as conferences, job sites, organizations, etc.

GISGeography posts articles on how to accomplish various GIS tasks.

Penn State Department of Geography has an online course, Nature of Geographic Information.

There is also an online course on Spatial Analysis by the authors of the well-known text on geospatial analysis.

The Northeast Arc Users Group sponsors a yearly conference for all users of ESRI software in the Northeast.

The NYS GIS Association sponsors an annual conference and provides updates about GIS activities across the state.


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Last updated: August 3, 2017

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