What we are doing, and why?

As part of Hamilton's comprehensive plan for improving information security on campus, all Hamilton College institutionally owned computers, except those used as a lab computer or as a shared resource which require multiple account logons, will be encrypted. Full disk encryption provides a critical layer of security to the files saved on your computer in the event of loss, theft, or other unauthorized access. It is a process that converts data into an unreadable form that can be accessed and understood only when you enter a separate PIN/password. 

A security audit completed in January 2012 by Pervasive Technologies for the NY6 institutions, including Hamilton College, identified the lack of device encryption as a point of weakness and recommended that encryption be implemented on all mobile devices.

What can you expect next? 

Implementation Timeline

With deployment beginning in summer 2015, computers will now be configured with full disk encryption based on the following guidelines:

  • Computers that are purchased as part of the annual computer replacement program.
  • New computers that are purchased through the College purchasing process.
  • Computers that are re-imaged (due to employee turnover, virus remediation, hard drive failure).
  • Deployed department by department on all computers, including some shared use computers.

Computers in lab settings and external devices will not be encrypted at this time.

What will be required of you?

Familiarize yourself with our Encryption FAQ page. 

How can you ask questions and provide feedback?

Answers to some questions you may have can be found in our Encryption FAQ page. Please email or call the LITS Help Desk (helpdesk@hamilton.edu, 315-859-4181) with any questions or concerns you have about encryption.

Last updated: January 28, 2021

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