Last updated: January 28, 2021

What we are doing, and why?

As part of a comprehensive plan for improving information security on campus, the Hamilton Community is required to strengthen and regularly change passwords they use to access Hamilton systems.

One of the potentially weakest links in computer security is the individual password. Despite our efforts to keep hackers out of your personal files and away from Hamilton-only resources (e.g., email, web files, licensed software), easily-guessed passwords are still a big problem.

To that end, we are implementing a password management system, a strict password checking system for Hamilton IDs, to combat this problem. You will be prompted to change your password on an annual basis and the system will prevent you from setting a password that is easily cracked.

What can you expect next?

More information about the new password policy appears on the Password Policy webpage

Implementation Timeline for individual accounts

March 23 - LITS
April 6 - Non-faculty employees
May 21 - Faculty
Fall 2015 - Students (students travelling abroad can enroll before the fall)

The timeline to transition department and student organization accounts is yet to be determined.

What will be required of you?

How can you ask questions and provide feedback?

Answers to some questions you may have can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please email or call (helpdesk@hamilton.edu, 315-859-4181) the LITS Help Desk with any questions or concerns you have about passwords.

How do I enroll in the Hamilton Password Manager?

Required for all users

Follow the instructions located on our Hamilton Password Manager webpage:

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