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Summer, semester, or academic year loans

For faculty who are interested in exploring the use of iPads in connection with their courses. Our intent is to enable you to explore ways of improving the learning / research environment for your students.  The loan program began in summer 2012.

Call for proposals

Proposals are accepted until inventory is exhausted. Proposals will be reviewed by representatives of Library and Information Technology Services and the Dean of Faculty.

The criteria/questions we use to evaluate the proposals are as follows:

  • Does the use benefit from the mobility factor?
  • Does it involve a curricular use?
  • Can the use be accommodated by the classroom computer?
  • Is there a direct student activity?
  • Does the activity support student research?
  • Does the use require multimodal use/data collection, e.g. visuals, data, GIS info., etc.
  • Does the use change the classroom experience?

Short term iPad loan program

A small pool of  iPads will be made available to faculty on a first-come, first served basis for short term use (up to four weeks). Please complete the proposal form to request a short term loan.


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Last updated: October 14, 2016

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