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NOTE: Many of these apps will require either built-in GPS functionality (e.g. iOS devices with the ability to utilize cellular "4G/LTE" data) or the Bad Elf GPS add-on connector.

Name Price Description Platform

MotionX GPS HD

  • A do-it-all navigation app for land, air and sea.
MotionX GPSDrive $.99
  • In-Car and Pedestrian Navigation Solution

Map Tools $.99
  • Allows users to fully utilize coordinates.
  • Converts coordinates among various datums, coordinate systems and map projections.
  • It also calculates distance and bearing between two coordinates.

PDF Maps Free
  • A geospatial PDF, GeoPDF® and GeoTIFF reader.
  • Download, browse and interact with maps.
  • Compliments MAPublisher and Geographic Imager, both of which have the ability to export to geospatial PDF and GeoTIFF.
  • The formats are also supported by common GIS applications including ArcGIS.

AllTrails Free
  • Find Hiking Trails near your location.

GPS Kit HD $14.99
  • GPS replacement app
  • Features route tracking, waypoints, maps & more.
Google Earth Free
  • Popular and powerful geospatial analysis and visualization tool.

Theodolite $3.99
  • A multi-function augmented reality app.
  • Combines a compass, GPS, map, photo/movie camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer.
  • Overlays real time information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and inclination on the camera image, like an electronic viewfinder.

GISPro $300
  • Comprehensive, powerful tool for surveying, mapping, and recording geographic locations.

NotesPlus $7.99
  • A note-taking tool that supports handwriting, typing, audio recording and PDF annotation.
  • Offers close-up writing mode, stroke smoothing, vector shape auto-detection, palm handling, complete folder structure, images, PDF exporting and emailing, automatic backup to Dropbox and more.

Other Apps

Name Price Description Platform
Commander Compass $3.99
  • 3D compass, milspec compass, gyrocompass, GPS tracker, speedometer, gyro horizon and inclinometer.

GPS Toolbox

  • A variety of GPS and map related tools: Saving locations to exportable lists, convert between coordinate formats, and view different map formats from multiple data sources.

GISRoam Free
  • Enables Shapefile viewing, editing, colorization, and collection over user loaded imagery.

  • Load, view, investigate, create and export data over a background of maps or satellite imagery.



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Last updated: July 8, 2016

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