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This site is yours. (It's a User Group!)

This site is a resource by community and for community. There are many people at Hamilton with a great deal of experience using mobile technology, so ITS cordially and heartily invites members of the community to help build this repository. There are a variety of ways to engage with us:

  • By submitting a comment using the module at the bottom of every page on this site
    • Any submission is encouraged: apps, approaches, experiences, suggestions, critiques, &c.
  • By sending an e-mail to Ted Fondak or Maureen Scoones
  • By calling Ted Fondak (x4033) or Maureen Scoones (x4178)

How do I begin using mobile devices? How do I find apps?

The cliché "There's an app for that" is how most conversations about mobile devices start. The app ecosystem is indeed rich, but can also be overwhelming: what differentiates one app from another? Is a particular best suited for your need?

There are often no concrete answers to these questions. Often, experimentation is the best practice. Search engines are also your friends here: there exist many webpages devoted to apps, particularly in specific contexts; searching for your platform (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8) and your task or your discipline will doubtlessly yield fruitful results.

But we labor in this site to provide a curated repository of apps that interoperate well with existing campus resources and are utilized by many members of the community. As such, we hope that you begin your search here. If you need information that isn't on the site, please contact us and we will research and publish our findings.

But there is another way to begin using devices: let's have a chat.

Having a conversation about what you would like to accomplish--and whether or not a mobile device might be a useful solution--is an oft-overlooked approach to beginning or continuing an exploration with this technology. As is the case with any other matter, ITS staff seek to engage with and help members of the community explore possibilities. We can also help connnect you with members of the community who are on similar explorations.

Are others using or supporting mobile devices?

Many individuals and groups on this campus are actively using and exploring mobile devices. What follows are links to as well as explanations

  • The LITS Tablet Loan/Evaluation Program
    • For faculty who are interested in exploring the use of tablets (e.g. iPads)  in connection with their courses. Our intent is to enable faculty to explore ways of improving the learning / research environment for their students.
    • Details about some of their experiences appear in our blog.
  • Burke Library eBooks and Mobile Resources

If you are experimenting with or using mobile devices and would like to be mentioned in this space (primarily to seek connections in the community,) please leave a comment below.

App Discovery Center

The Center is comprised of lists of apps organized by discipline and task for Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), and Windows 8 (desktops, tablets, and phones) devices.

Discipline-specific Apps

Apps by Task



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Last updated: April 11, 2017

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