We reduced the number of computers physically accessible in labs and public computing spaces to better protect the health and well-being of the Hamilton Community. These spaces are reduced by a minimum of 50%. The remaining resources will be made available through a remote connection to allow for continued use of the applications on those machines, both on and off campus. 

On/off campus REQUIREMENTS for keyserver



2. Connect to KeyServer

  • When prompted, login.
    • Students will type hamilton-s\username
    • Faculty & Staff will type hamilton-d\username

Mac to Mac signin

3. Find Computer TO CONNECT WITH on Map

  • Once logged in, click Maps. You will notice active dots within Burke Library on a campus map. These dots signify the remote computers available for use.

burke keyserver map

  • When you click on one of these locations, a list of public computing spaces will be displayed.
  • Click on one of the two locations via the blue links labeled remote lab macOS / windows - to see the available remote computers within that space.

burke keyserver computers

  • You will see a list of computers and their status of availability in the second column.
  • Locate a computer that states it is available and click on Connect on that particular machine
connect to computer
  • You can also use the Search for Software option to locate a computer with specific software installed.

Last updated: September 3, 2021


4. Connect with an available computer

When you click Connect, a login box will appear. Login with your Hamilton account and click Sign In.

  • Students will type username@students.hamilton.edu
  • Faculty & Staff will type username@hamilton.edu
student login

5. Verify Successful Remote Connection

If the remote connection is successful, you will see the Information Technology User Agreement. Once you accept the agreement, it will take you to your remote desktop.

windows user agreement


Please remember to sign out of the remote computer when you are finished.



Have problems loading or logging into the http://keyserver.hamilton.edu/ webpage, please email helpdesk@hamilton.edu or call 315-859-4181. 

These instructions were developed using Google Chrome as a browser. Please note some steps/screenshots may vary in other browsers.  

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