Setting up an External CD/DVD Drive

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Setting the Drive Region Code

The first time you use an external CD/DVD drive, you may be prompted to set its region code. This must be done on a computer on which you have administrator priveleges, such as your office computer. To set the region code, simply insert a DVD into the drive and wait for the Drive Region window to appear. Then select the desired code (1 for US) and click Set Drive Region.








Plugging the Drive into a Mac Mini

When plugging in the external CD\DVD drive in a classroom or lab, please use the supplied USB connector. Do not plug the drive into the keyboard - it will likely not supply enough electricity to power the drive. A photo of the supplied USB connector is below:

Using Timecodes

Currently, there is no reliable way to set timecodes on one computer and transfer them to another. The most efficient way to use timecodes is simply to write them down and move the video playhead to the desired time index.

Region-Free DVD Players

Region-free DVD players are available in the following locations:

  • Art History 112
  • Benedict 104
  • Benedict 105
  • Benedict 201
  • Benedict 207
  • Burke Library 209
  • Burke Library 217 (Graves)
  • CA Johnson 222
  • CA Johnson 224
  • CA Johnson 225
  • CA Johnson 305
  • CA Johnson 308
  • CA Johnson 309
  • List 218
  • Root Hall 202
  • Root Hall 310
  • SCCT G027
  • SCCT G041
  • SCCT G042
  • SCCT 1004
  • SCCT 1016
  • SCCT 2015
  • SCCT 2017
  • SCCT 2048
  • SCCT 3021
  • SCCT 3024
  • SCCT 3039

Last updated: June 6, 2016


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