The “I See Opportunity” Contest will allow students to learn what resources are available to them. The Hamilton community will also learn who the students are.

Contest Goal: The student who has the most correct posts by the end of the semester wins a prize. 

Directions and Rules

  1. On two Fridays a month, an Opportunity Programs staff will go to a resource office on campus and take a photo of themselves in that office. 
  2. This photo will then be posted immediately on the Opportunity Programs Facebook group page and tweeted from @HamiltonOP.
  3. Opportunity Programs students must determine where the picture was taken, visit that office and request to have their own picture taken with a staff member of that office. The photo must be clearly visible and respectful.
  4. Students will then post their answer on one of the following: facebook, twitter, or instagram.
  5. The post must contain the identity of the office, who they met with, and post a personal photo with that person that documents the visit.
  6. In the post, students must use #iseeop so that Opportunity Programs staff can track the results.
  7. If the resource office is able to be tagged, students should tag that office as well in their post. (i.e. Career Center has a facebook and twitter account, therefore student can tag them in both platforms).
  8. Students have until the end of that month to post the answers for that month. Any posts to a previous month’s photo will not count towards the total.
  9. At the end of each month, staff will repost a student’s correct response including a brief description of what that office does.
  10. One day a month, a bonus question will be placed on the score board, located in the Opportunity Programs’ office. To get credit for the bonus questions, students will have to come into the office to read the question, write the answer on a card and turn it in at the time of the visit. Correct bonus questions will count as a correct post.
  11. The student(s) with the most correct posts by the end of the semester wins a prize.

Fall Semester Dates are:

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

How to Post:

  1. Go to the Hamilton College Opportunity Programs group page on facebook.
  2. Post your answer and identify who you spoke to and what office they work for.
  3. Tag the office (HEOP and other)
  4. Tag yourself.
  5. In your post, use #iseeop
  6. Upload the photo
  7. Hit “Post to wall”
  1. In your post include, who you spoke to and what office they work for.
  2. Use #iseeop
  3. Post your photo.
  1. Retweet to @HamiltonOP with whom you spoke to and what office they work for.
  2. Use #iseeop
  3. Attach your photo.

Ideally your post will look like this when you post to the Opportunity Program group page.

Contact Information

Phyllis A.H. Breland

Director of Opportunity Programs
McEwen Hall 104
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4398 315-859-4912 pbreland@hamilton.edu
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