Class of 2017

Benjamin Goldman

Hometown: Holly Springs, N.C.
Major: Sociology
Minors: Theatre and Dance
Activities: Resident advisor, overnight hosting coordinator for Admission, intern in the annual giving department of the alumni office, member of the college choir, College Hill Singers, Rainbow Alliance, Womyn's Center, Black and Latino Student Union, Student Diversity Council and Tropical Sol (Hamilton's latin dance team)

“My transition to college was difficult in the beginning. Leaving North Carolina was a big step and Hamilton became a part of my personal and intellectual journey. The academic environment was challenging but the Opportunity Programs was there for me every step of the way.

Hamilton’s motto is “Know Thyself” and I came to Hamilton assuming I knew myself pretty well. However, being a College Scholar challenged me to question my beliefs and thoughts about the world. Being a successful student or a campus leader shouldn’t stop you from working on finding yourself. My mentors at Opportunity Programs provide emotional support and give me resources that help me make strong connections on campus and prepare me for the future.”


Leslie Campos

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Government
Minor: Women's Studies
Activities: Black and Latino Student Union, La Vanguardia, Womyn’s Center, Levitt Leadership Institute, More Than Hair and Student Diversity Council

“Leaving Houston was easier said than done, but I know it would have been even more terrifying without the support from Opportunity Programs. While the HEOP summer experience was challenging, it made my transition into college a lot easier. I started my freshman year with a strong support team, which included advisors and friends.

The best thing about Opportunity Programs, in my personal opinion, is that it does not end after the summer program. HEOP follows their students throughout their entire time at Hamilton. Not only do they make sure that I am doing well academically, they also ensure that I am doing well emotionally. They help me identify my strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personal plan for success. Both my professional and personal relationships with the Opportunity Programs staff and students have made my Hamilton experience extremely motivating and unique.”


Caleb Williamson

Hometown: Rosedale, N.Y.
Major: Philosophy
Projected Minor: Government
Activities: Office of the President intern, Presidential Search Committee member, resident advisor, philosophy research assistant, GOLD Scholar, Black and Latino Student Union, Brothers Organization, Club Ice Hockey, Club Tennis and The Voices of Color Lecture Series

“When I started my freshman semester, I was already a few steps ahead of the game. I had already developed my routine for working at my full potential. The Summer Scholar's Program has shown me the resources that are available on Hamilton's campus, but has also put me in contact with invaluable students, professors, and administrators — all of whom have made my college experience a positive one. The Opportunities Program truly lives up to its name!”

Class of 2016

Ramon Villalona

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Majors: Economics and Chinese
Activities: Make A Wish Foundation treasurer, LEAP mentor, Brothers Organization website developer, Alternative Spring Break volunteer, The Continental writer, Admissions diversity open house speaker, intramural football, field hockey athletic event staff worker

“HEOP is more than a small community of people dedicated to ensuring success and personal growth; it is a family. When faced with a difficult scheduling decision, concentration decision or you need someone to talk to, the women at the HEOP office will guide, support and advise you. HEOP for me and my peers, has been the key to excelling scholastically, growing personally and bonding with approachable and caring people.”


Eudocia Montiel

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Major: Sociology
Activities: La Vanguardia, Finesse Step Team, clarinet chamber group

“I know many people didn't like HEOP during the summer but I want to boldly state that I loved it and that I am so grateful for it. Yes, I did struggle through it and I am not ashamed of admitting that. Because of that experience, I met the most incredible people who are now my closest friends and supportive mentors. On top of that, I learned to develop my own routine, time management, efficient methods of studying, confidence in the academic setting and desire for success. Opportunity Programs has given me strength and has always demanded my best in academia and character. Where would I be without HEOP? Who knows and who cares. I am here now. So basically Opportunity Programs is stupendous and that is all that matters.”


Danielle Nelson

Hometown: New York City
Major: Communications
Minor: Art
Activities: Black and Latino Student Union, Caribbean Students Association, Her Campus, HEAT Dance Team, Wellin Museum Student Advisory Board

“There is no better support system here at Hamilton than the one I've found with The Opportunity Program. These phenomenal women have guided me countless times on everything ranging from personal life, academics, career and life beyond the Hill. They are truly there for me in whatever way I need them at any time. Without them, my Hamilton experience would not be the same. I am very fortunate to have these women looking out for my best interests, and I appreciate and value them immensely.”

Contact Information

Phyllis A.H. Breland

Director of Opportunity Programs
McEwen Hall 104
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4398 315-859-4912 pbreland@hamilton.edu
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