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Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

On Friday, Oct. 1, the Board of Trustees held its annual fall meeting via Zoom.

Our new Alumni Trustees, Phyllis Breland ’80, Eric Grossman ’88, and Lindsey Rotolo ’97 participated in a formal orientation on Thursday, Sept. 30. On Thursday and Friday, board committees met and welcomed new trustee, faculty, staff, and student representatives. The following is a summary of committee discussions, with additional highlights from committee chairs shared in closing:

  • The Committee on Audit met in advance and reported that KPMG completed its audit with no significant findings. They also discussed the anticipation of cybersecurity insurance increasing significantly for all industries this year.
  • The Committee on Advancement reviewed fiscal year 2021 fundraising outcomes noting that the College exceeded its goals for the Hamilton Fund but anticipates this year will be challenging for annual giving.
  • The Committee on Budget & Finance reviewed fiscal year 2021 results and projections for fiscal year 2022, including COVID-19 expenses, inflation, and wages.
  • The Committee on Academic Affairs heard an update on Middle States assessment reporting. Committee members commended the Dean of Faculty Office for hiring 14 tenure-track faculty members last year when many other colleges froze all open positions because of the pandemic.
  • The Committee on Buildings, Grounds & Equipment discussed the College’s Seven-Year Capital Plan and the need for significant improvements to Sage Rink, which turns 100 this year. The Committee also heard an update on the work of the campus Sustainability Working Group, and will meet again soon to discuss issues related to reduction of campus carbon emissions.
  • The Committee on Student Affairs focused primarily on student mental health as we return to more normal campus operations.
    In plenary sessions, trustees heard updates from Vice President for Enrollment Monica Inzer, Dean of Engaged Education Kathy Wolfe, and Director of the Days-Massolo Center Paola Lopez.

Board Chair David Solomon ’84, P’16 opened the formal board meeting, and Imad Qasim ’79 led a prayer. A resolution passed to approve board meeting dates for 2022-23, and I then addressed three topics in my remarks. First, I shared information about the College’s continuing response to COVID-19, commenting specifically on the differences between last year and this year. Trustees offered their gratitude for how our campus community has worked together for success and expressed their ongoing support. Second, I gave an overview of our search for a chief diversity officer, which, as I communicated on Aug. 30, is being led by a College committee of faculty, staff, and students with the help of Storbeck Search. Finally, I spoke briefly about the College’s strategic priorities, including the ongoing work to bring Digital Hamilton to life by envisioning a Digital Gateway facility.

I also had the privilege of announcing that two scholarships created recently to honor the late civil rights icons Drew Days ’63 and Bob Moses ’56 have each achieved over $1 million in funding thanks to the generosity of many trustees, alumni, and friends.

Highlights from committee reports included the good news relayed by Committee on Advancement Chair Aron Ain ’79, P’09, ’11 that the Because Hamilton campaign remains on target at 82 percent of goal with $334 million raised so far. Board Vice-Chair Robert Delaney ’79 provided a summary of this year’s excellent endowment returns, and Howard Bogle ’75 shared a year-end projection for FY22 and budget assumptions for FY23. The board passed a resolution to accept the College’s financial statements for fiscal year 2021.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, Dec. 3, in conjunction with the annual 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend in New York City, assuming pandemic conditions are favorable enough for us to gather in person.


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

On Friday, June 11, the Board of Trustees held its annual summer meeting via Zoom. We expect to return to in-person meetings this fall.

In the morning, Vice President for Advancement Lori Dennison ’87 and Vice President for Enrollment Monica Inzer presented updates on the work of their divisions. Lori shared that, as of May 31, the Because Hamilton campaign has raised $324 million toward its $400 million goal. Monica presented an early look at the Class of 2025. The College received a record 9,380 applications, resulting in a record-low 14.1 percent acceptance rate. While final data will not be available until fall, the class is extraordinarily strong in number and quality, and is expected to be the most diverse in the College’s history.

In plenary sessions, trustees heard from faculty and staff about their experiences teaching students and delivering campus services during a year packed with additional responsibilities, stresses, and pandemic protocols.

John Hadity ’83 opened the formal board meeting with a prayer, and David Solomon ’84, the board-chair elect, gave a tribute to Stephen Sadove ’73 for his eight years of service as board chair. I gave a year-in-review update, acknowledging the challenges the College faced in reopening in person last fall, commending our community for all that was done to complete the year successfully, and recognizing the toll this year took on so many of us. I also reported that the College is expected to complete the year with a balanced budget or a small surplus, despite $15 million in COVID-19 expenses.

Trustee committee chairs shared updates from the committee meetings that were held in advance. The full board also passed several resolutions, including:

  • Forming a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to purchase The Arbor Inn located on Griffin Road, which will continue to operate as a bed and breakfast
  • Promoting Nathan Goodale, anthropology, to full professor
  • Accepting the updates to the Faculty Handbook proposed by the Committee on Academic Affairs and approved by the faculty; and
  • Approving capital renewal expenditures for Root Hall renovation design and Root Glen stormwater mitigation projects.

The Committee on Board Governance and Affairs presented a resolution to clarify the selection process for student participants on board committees and their responsibilities. Student participants will be required to attend an orientation session and to sign a statement of commitment modeled after the statement of commitment signed by board members. Trustees accepted the recommendations, which will be effective with the October 2021 board meeting.

Trustees Aron Ain ’79, Robert Delaney ’79, Amy Owens Goodfriend ’82, and Lea Haber Kuck ’87 were re-elected as charter trustees for six-year terms. Stephen Sadove ’73 was elected a life trustee and chairman emeritus. Mr. Delaney and Linda Johnson ’80 were re-elected vice chairs for two-year terms, and David Solomon ’84 was elected chair. Each of these appointments is effective July 1. We’re grateful to each of these trustees for their service and dedication to the College.

Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable summer.


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Board of Trustees held its annual March meeting via Zoom on Friday, March 5. As with the last two meetings, the agenda was significantly shorter than is typical when the board meets in person.

The committees on Advancement, Academic Affairs, Budget & Finance, and Buildings, Grounds & Equipment met in the early part of the day. Vice President Lori Dennison ’87 reported that the Because Hamilton campaign is currently on target to reach its $400 million goal, even though nonprofits nationwide are reporting that the pandemic is hurting charitable giving.

Vice President Karen Leach shared that, thanks to hard work by faculty and staff to limit operational spending to essential and student-supporting needs, the College is projecting a balanced budget for the current year. Depending on the course of the pandemic, we may even have a small surplus. Later in the day, trustees passed a resolution approving the fiscal year 2022 budget.

Associate Vice President Roger Wakeman discussed needed repairs to the Bristol Pool, renovations for the large apartment buildings at the entrance to campus, and preliminary thinking about potential facility needs connected with the Strategic Plan’s Digital Hamilton initiative.

In plenary sessions, Vice President Monica Inzer presented an early profile of the Class of 2025, calling attention to another record year for applications, and, in her role as chief diversity officer, Vice President Terry Martinez gave an update on work being done across the College to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To open the board meeting, I reviewed some of the highlights and challenges of the past year. Not only did the College pivot successfully to remote instruction last spring, we were able to reopen safely this fall. This is a remarkable tribute to the resilience, dedication, and hard work of all members of our community.

Linda Johnson ’80 read a moving memorial minute for Life Trustee Elizabeth McCormack, who passed away on Dec. 4, 2020, and trustees heard presentations from Student Assembly President Saphire Ruiz ’22 and Vice President Kavya Crasta ’21, as well as from Student Assembly members Jackson Harris ’22, Cole Kuczek ’23, and Mariam Saied ’23.

Finally, the trustees voted to approve tenure for Susan Jarosi (art history), Catherine Beck (geosciences), Erica De Bruin (government), Jaime Kucinskas (sociology), Alexandra Plakias ’02 (philosophy), and Jesse Weiner (classics). Please join me in congratulating these outstanding members of our faculty.

The next board meeting is scheduled for June 10-12, but we do not yet know whether it will be safe to meet in person.



Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Board of Trustees held its annual December meeting over Zoom on Friday, Dec. 4. The meeting agenda was significantly shorter than usual because of the format, and even our traditional 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend events migrated online this year.

To start the morning, leaders from student life, academic affairs, and campus operations outlined COVID-19 best practices from the fall semester and how we might apply them in the spring semester. Three faculty members – Jen Borton in psychology, Martine Guyot-Bender in French, and Craig Latrell in theatre – reflected on their experiences teaching in person, remotely, and in a hybrid environment. Vice President Melissa Richards presented an overview of a new Communications and Marketing Strategic Plan.

Later, at the formal board meeting, I shared my perspective on managing through the pandemic and expressed my gratitude for the hard work and persistence put forth by all. It took planning, execution, and some luck for us to achieve the College’s three top-level goals this fall, which were to deliver in-person education, operate safely, and keep our community whole. Hamilton’s preparation, buy-in from community members, size of the College, rural location, and financial resources were certainly to our advantage.

What did we learn? For one, we discovered that Hamilton, and higher education in general, can pivot when necessary, and that we can do it quickly and well. Some 84 percent of students elected to study on campus, reminding us just how much our students value in-person learning. At the same time, we learned that managing the stress and human impact of the pandemic was even more difficult than we anticipated, something we will take into account in planning for this spring. While we cannot predict the state of the pandemic in late January, I told the board I am optimistic we will again open in person, on time, and fully enrolled.

Trustees approved financing for a refined list of capital projects previously approved in March, including new concept planning for a Digital Center, restarting the Chapel restoration, and repurposing the List Art Center. The Committee on Investments reported the value of the College’s endowment on Nov. 30 was approximately $1.2 billion.

Art Massolo ’64 recognized in memoriam his peer alumnus, trustee, and co-namesake of the Days-Massolo Center, Drew Days ’63. Sadly, later the same afternoon, we learned that Life Trustee Elizabeth McCormack passed away. Both of these leaders supported Hamilton in generous and transformative ways throughout their lives, and we are a better and stronger College because of their service. They will be missed greatly.

The next board meeting is planned for March 5-6, 2021.


Dear Members the Hamilton Community,

I am writing to provide the campus with a summary of the quarterly Board of Trustees meeting that was held over Zoom on Friday, Oct. 2. The meeting was shorter than usual because of the Zoom format.

Trustees heard a regular enrollment update from Vice President for Enrollment Management Monica Inzer, who noted positive long-term trends but also identified challenges raised by the uncertainties created by the pandemic. Vice President for Administration and Finance Karen Leach presented a report on the College’s finances, and noted that, although Hamilton is in a better position than most of its peers, the College is projecting an operating loss for the 2020-21 fiscal year. The College projects roughly $12 million in COVID-related expenses this year, which will be partly but not entirely offset by ongoing cost-saving measures.

These presentations were followed by a panel of three students – one studying remotely, one a fall athlete, and the third a first-year student – who discussed with trustees their experiences this semester in light of changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the formal board meeting Friday afternoon, Chairman Emeritus Kevin Kennedy ’70 offered remarks in memory of Life Trustee Bob Howard ’46, the Audit and Investment committees provided encouraging updates despite financial challenges, and the Advancement Committee reported on the success of last week’s Hamilton at Heart give day and progress toward the Because Hamilton campaign’s $400 million goal. The trustees also met with representatives from Student Assembly, who discussed the assembly’s resolution to appoint students to the board and answered questions from trustees. The board considered ways to increase student input in board deliberations. Board Chair Steve Sadove ’73 P ’07, ’10, ’13 acknowledged the importance of greater student-trustee interaction and identified several possible means for enhancing student-trustee interaction short of appointing students to the board in a letter to the assembly on Monday.

In my remarks to the board, I provided, among other things, a summary of activities on campus this fall, including the measures taken to open safely and protect against COVID-19, and discussed our results thus far; reminded the board about changes to the academic calendar, both in the fall and in the spring; and discussed campus activities and preparation in light of the fall general election.

The board elected Bob Delaney ’78 and Linda Johnson ’80 as vice chairs, effective immediately, and thanked Susan Skerritt K’77, P’11 for her service in that role. Four new charter trustees were elected to the board: Mason Ashe ’85, Manal Ataya ’01, Peter Coffin ’84, P’14, and Sharon Madison ’84. They joined recently elected alumni trustees Betsy Bacot ’84, Aditya Bhasin ’94, and Dan Rifkin ’88, P’23 in an on-boarding session on Thursday that included their trustee mentors and members of senior staff.

The board expressed congratulations and gratitude to students, faculty, and staff for the sacrifices being made to help ensure the health and safety of all members of our community.

The next board meeting will take place Friday, Dec. 4.



Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Over the weekend the Board of Trustees convened for its annual December meeting in New York City. We started the morning with a presentation by Sam Welch '86, associate vice president for constituent engagement, on the career-advising curriculum and industry-based programming that is heavily supported by successful alumni professionals. Margaret Gentry, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, and Tara McKee, professor of psychology and associate dean of students for academics, then presented an overview of the College’s developing initiative for advising and engaged learning, ALEX (Advise, Learn, and Experience). They explained how the integrated, team-based advising of ALEX will guide students on combining a broad liberal arts education with opportunities to complete research, immersive off-campus study, career-exploration, and community-engaged learning.

The Committee on Building, Grounds & Equipment (BG&E) heard an informative presentation on the College’s landscape master plan, including a historical review of the building and growth of the physical campus since its founding. This master plan affirms selected historical principles and will inform future planning with aspirational ones. The Committee also approved three major capital renewal projects, including critical repairs to the Chapel steeple and roof that are expected to begin late spring 2020.

As is customary in conjunction with the December meeting, the College hosted its 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend, this year celebrating the 10-year anniversary of need-blind admission. About 465 of the College’s generous alumni, donors, and friends heard from young alumni and students whose Hamilton education was made possible by financial aid. As part of the evening’s focus on need-blind admission, Hamilton presented philanthropist, entrepreneur, former New York City mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg an honorary degree for his dedication to higher education access.

Tonight we will gather for the lighting of the Beinecke Village to kick off the winter season and learn about what light means in various cultural and religious faith groups. Best wishes for success during the final weeks of the semester. The next Board meeting will take place March 6-7, 2020, in Clinton.

All the best,


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

I write to report on the quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees and to express gratitude to all who helped make Fallcoming and Family Weekend such a success. More than 1,600 alumni, parents, and trustees were in Clinton for the weekend. I especially want to thank our colleagues in Advancement and Facilities Management who planned and executed dozens of events, and those members of the faculty who welcomed visitors into their classes and prepared our students for presentations and performances.

Among the highlights of the weekend were the remarks by Bennett Morrison ’20 on behalf of student scholarship recipients at the dinner Friday evening, and the presentation of the Jeff Little ’71 Volunteer of the Year Award to Clinton native Andy Burns ’78. Andy was instrumental in the centennial celebration of Hamilton’s hockey program and the effort that resulted in Clinton being named Kraft Hockeyville in 2018.

In addition to focusing on the normal business of the College, the Board of Trustees had lunch with groups of students across campus and met with faculty department chairs. They also heard from Student Assembly President Amanda Kim ’21 and Vice President Jiin Jeong ’21 about issues of concern to students, including mental and physical health, the climate crisis, and transparency and communication on campus. The board also welcomed alumni trustees Mark Fedorcik ’95, John Hadity ’83, and Sharon Walker ’90, and charter trustees Carol Travis Friscia K’77, Monty Pooley ’84, P’16,’19, Woody Marshall ’90, P’23 and Srilata Zaheer.

The next board meeting will take place December 6 in New York City in conjunction with the 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend.

All best,


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

During what may have been the best weather weekend of the spring, Hamilton’s Board of Trustees met on campus June 7-8 for its quarterly meeting. Trustees heard progress reports on the Because Hamilton campaign, the Class of 2023, experiential learning and advising, and studies undertaken to assess and improve the College’s residential experience for students. Board members also participated in committee sessions on trustee governance, budget planning, and buildings, grounds, and equipment.

The board re-elected as charter trustees Phil Hawkins ’78, Nancy Roob ’87, and Jack Selby ’96. Mark Fedorcik ’95, John Hadity ’83, and Sharon Walker ’90 will join the board on July 1 as alumni trustees. The next board meeting will take place Sept. 27-28 in conjunction with Fallcoming and Family Weekend.

Once again, the spring trustee meeting coincided with Reunions. Approximately 1,400 alumni and their families gathered on College Hill to enjoy each other’s company, reconnect with faculty and friends, and participate in many of the 180 events that were scheduled throughout the weekend. Highlights included the 50th anniversary celebration of Opportunity Programs at Hamilton; special recognition of Sam Pellman and his love of life, music, and Hamilton; the dedication of the Bob Simon Golf Center; the presentation of the Distinguished Service Award to Diann Lynch; and a variety of interesting and engaging Alumni Colleges offered by members of the reunion classes. The Class Annalist letter was delivered by Vincent Strully ’69 and the Bell Ringer Award was presented to Tom Succop ’58 during the annual meeting of the Alumni Association in the Chapel. Thank you to all who organized the weekend, prepared the campus, and made our guests feel welcome.

The summer remains a busy time for many, but I hope you will enjoy the company of your Hamilton colleagues at the community lunches that begin this week and find extra time to be with your families.

Best wishes for an enjoyable summer.




Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Board of Trustees met Friday, November 30 in New York City in conjunction with the 21st Annual 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend and the Because Hamilton Campaign launch. More than 1000 alumni, parents, and friends of the College participated in the weekend's events, which included social gatherings, seminars, and the Because Hamilton Dance Party with Trustee David Solomon performing as DJ DSol. Photos and videos of the events, including our mascot Alex dancing up a storm, can be found on the Because Hamilton website.

At the Board meeting on Friday, Karen Leach, Vice President for Finance and Administration, led a discussion of the College's finances, capital priorities, and strategic initiatives. As always, the College must balance rising costs, market uncertainties, and growing needs with our educational goals.

That evening we launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in Hamilton history. Our goal is to raise $400 million for financial aid, student life, digital learning, and other College priorities. For more information on our campaign priorities, please visit our campaign website.

The next meeting of the Board will take place on campus on March 2.

I wish you every success in the final week of the semester and a relaxing winter break.

All best,


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Hamilton hosted another successful Reunion Weekend thanks to perfect weather and many hours of preparation and service provided by many of our colleagues. More than 1,300 alumni and their families returned to College Hill to reminisce and reconnect. For everything from organizing events and greeting alumni, to serving thousands of meals, cleaning residence halls, and mowing lawns, thank you to all who made our guests feel welcome.

This year, two of the most coveted awards from the Alumni Association were bestowed on Athletic Equipment Manager Dennis Murphy, who received the Distinguished Service Award, and Professor Bob Simon, who was recognized with the 2018 Bell Ringer Award just a week after his passing. Bob's wife, Joy, and their son, Bruce '91, accepted the award in his honor. Chris Wilkinson '68 carried on the tradition of half-century class annalist with a poignant, moving, and, at times, musical reflection of the 50th Reunion class' time on College Hill, and many alumni participated in the dinners, social gatherings, Alex Talks and Alumni Colleges that were held throughout the weekend.

At their quarterly meeting, trustees heard reports on enrollment, board governance, the residential experience, and planning for humanities facilities. After touring residence halls, humanities buildings, and technology spaces, trustees participated in discussions of campaign initiatives. The board also re-elected Richard Bernstein '80, Susan Skerritt K'77, P'11, and David Solomon '84, P'16 as charter trustees, and elected Jeff Little '71, P'04 and Jack Withiam '71, P'16,'20 as life trustees. Steve Sadove'73, P'07,'10,'13 was re-elected board chair and Susan Skerritt was elected vice chair; both will serve two-year terms beginning July 1. Finally, Johannes Burlin '87, Alison Hill '87, and Greg Schwartz '94 will join the board on July 1 as alumni trustees. The next board meeting will take place during Fallcoming and Family Weekend, October 26-27.

I know the summer remains a busy time for many, but I hope you will find time to enjoy the company of your Hamilton colleagues at our community lunches that begin on Wednesday. Best wishes for a summer of rest and relaxation.



Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Hamilton Board of Trustees held its quarterly meeting on campus last weekend. In addition to attending regular committee meetings, a number of trustees visited classes to observe and lend their perspectives to the topics being discussed. Thank you to the faculty members who welcomed trustees to their classes, and those who joined members of the board for dinner Friday evening. I am also grateful to the faculty and students who made presentations on their joint research at a trustee lunch on Friday, and to the members of HALT who attended the reception with trustees Friday afternoon in the Wellin Museum. Trustees told me throughout the weekend how much they appreciated their interaction with students and professors.

At the board meeting, trustees discussed and approved the budget for 2018-19, and approved tenure for Abhishek Amar and Quincy Newell. Please join me in congratulating them. The board also received an update on the College's strategic plan, heard early thinking about using technology and data to improve business operations, learned about the progress being made to launch a capital campaign later this year, and received a report about initiatives in student life.

As you know, Friday's meetings took place during a winter storm, placing an extra burden on many of our colleagues. My thanks to the members of Physical Plant who cleared snow from walkways, parking lots, and building entrances, and to the Bon Appetit workers who spent long hours braving the snow and adjusting to last-minute changes caused by the weather.

The next board meeting will take place June 8-9 in conjunction with Reunions.

All the best for a restful, relaxing and safe spring break.



Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Board of Trustees met Friday in New York City in conjunction with the 20th Annual 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend. In addition to the trustees, more than 350 alumni, parents, and friends of the College participated in the weekend's events. I am especially grateful to Kira Jumet who led a seminar, Tracy Adler who hosted a reception and artist book signing, and our colleagues in Advancement for organizing a successful weekend for our guests.

At the board meeting, trustees approved expanding the Health and Counseling Center as part of the current construction, heard preliminary plans for a capital campaign, and broke into small groups to discuss three goals for the strategic plan: digital fluency, developmentally appropriate student housing with associated programming, and enhanced experiential learning. The Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Committee heard from Roger Wakeman about construction plans for Wallace Johnson House and an Indoor Practice Facility, and recognized Steve Bellona for his service to the College.

I wish you a successful final week of the semester and a relaxing winter break. The next board meeting will take place March 2 and 3.

All the best,


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Thank you for welcoming board members, alumni, and parents to campus during Fallcoming and Family Weekend. Preparing for more than 100 events and more than 1,500 guests requires an extraordinary effort from everyone. I am grateful for all of your help making the weekend an enjoyable experience for all who attended.

We kicked off the festivities on Wednesday with our inaugural "Common Ground" program, a discussion with political strategists David Axelrod and Karl Rove, moderated by USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page P'10. Other highlights of the weekend included the Senior Gift Kickoff reception, the Comstock Memorial Scholarship Lunch, the recognition of Bruce Gaylord '70 and Gail Kelly P'06,'09 as the Jeff Little Volunteers of the Year, the Memorial Service for Life Trustee Joseph F. Anderson '44, and the dedication of the Tietje Family Tennis Center and Falmouth Road Race Reunion Courts.

For many of our guests, however, watching our students on the playing field, on stage, and in the poster sessions was the real highlight. Thank you to everyone who participated or played a role in preparing our students for those events.

At its quarterly meeting, the Board of Trustees welcomed three new alumni trustees: Ann Goizueta '90, James Hacker '81, P'19,'20, and Kathleen O'Connor Stewart '84. The board heard reports on admission, advancement, student mental health, strategic planning, and comparative college data. The Board also approved the promotion to professor of Rebecca Murtaugh. Please join me in congratulating her.

The next board meeting will take place December 1 in New York City in conjunction with the 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend.

All best,

David Wippman

Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Thank you for welcoming board members and reunion participants to campus last weekend. Preparing for more than 1,300 visitors less than three weeks after commencement required an extraordinary effort—from cleaning residence halls to mowing lawns to serving countless meals and delivering outstanding programs. I heard many visitors say they have never attended a better reunion. Many thanks for showing Hamilton at its best.

The weekend had many highlights. On Saturday, Professor G. Roberts Kolb led over 150 choir alumni in a remarkable evening concert. On Sunday, Trustee Barry Seaman '67 presented an outstanding Half-Century annalist letter, and W. Lawrence "Lawry" Gulick '52 received the Alumni Association's 2017 Bell Ringer award for a lifetime of exceptional service to the College.

At their quarterly meeting, trustees heard reports on strategic planning and fundraising progress, among others, and a faculty panel talked about issues ranging from the search process for new faculty to partner and spousal hiring challenges. The trustees also elected Charter Trustees Phil L. Hawkins '78, Jack R. Selby '96 and Daniel T. Nye '88, re-elected Charter Trustees Harold W. Bogle '75, Julia Cowles '84 and Stephen I. Sadove '73, P'07,'10,'13, and elected Charter Trustee Thomas J. Tull '92 to life trustee. The next board meeting will take place during Fallcoming and Family Weekend, October 19-21.

I know that the summer months will be busy for all of us. I hope you will enjoy some richly deserved rest and relaxation, and I look forward to seeing you during our summer community lunches.



Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The Hamilton Board of Trustees held its quarterly meeting on campus last weekend.

In addition to the regular committee meetings, the Trustees attended a reception with the Class of 2017 at the Wellin Museum, and had dinners with members of the faculty. I would like to thank the many members of the campus community who interacted with trustees throughout the weekend.

At the board meeting, trustees discussed an external report containing recommendations for restructuring and strengthening the College's fundraising programs. The board also discussed and approved the budget for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2018, and decided to move forward with construction of an indoor practice facility. As part of the meeting the Trustees divided into groups, facilitated by the chairs of our strategic planning committees, for discussion and brain storming on possible strategic initiatives. The Board also approved the tenure and promotion of Robert Knight, Chinthaka Kuruwita, Scott MacDonald and Xavier Tubau. Please join me in congratulating them.

Following the board meeting, several Trustees participated as judges in the Hamilton Public Speaking Competition and cheered on the Men's Hockey team.

The next board meeting will take place June 9-10.

All best,



Dear Members of the Hamilton community:

The Hamilton Board of Trustees met on Friday, Dec. 2, in New York City in conjunction with the 19th Annual 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend. More than 400 alumni, parents and friends participated in the weekend’s events. I am especially grateful to the members of the faculty and staff who led seminars and related programs during the weekend, including Phil Klinkner, Andrea Townsend, Tracy Adler and Sharon Rivera, who was assisted by James Bryan ’16 and Hunter Sobczak ’17. We also enjoyed the talents of the College Hill Singers, under the direction of Rob Kolb.

At the board meeting, trustees discussed reports on fundraising and strategic planning. We also engaged in an extended conversation about two important topics affecting higher education: sexual misconduct and possible campus responses to potential changes in federal immigration law and practice. Both of these issues have been discussed at great length on campus, and I will be sending further information on both shortly.

In the meantime, I wish you a successful and productive final week of the semester. The next board meeting will take place March 4 in Clinton.

All best,


Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

My thanks to all for the wonderfully warm welcome I have received in my first three months here. This past weekend was particularly rewarding (and particularly busy), with Fallcoming, Family Weekend, Inauguration and the busiest admission weekend of the year all coming at the same time. Highlights of the weekend included the Senior Gift Kick-off Reception; the premiere of PBS' Great Performances "Hamilton's America," the Comstock Memorial Scholarship Lunch; the launch of "Alex Talks" by Hamilton faculty; Vice President Walter Mondale's remarks at Inauguration; and the recognition of Barbara Starnes P'80, GP'11, as the George F. Little Volunteer of the Year.

More than 2,500 guests joined us for roughly 180 different events that touched virtually every part of the campus. I am grateful to everyone who helped make this weekend so successful, especially the staff in Communications and Development, Student Life, Physical Plant, Campus Safety and Bon Appétit, along with my colleagues in the President's Office.

The Board of Trustees heard reports on fundraising, admission, faculty hiring and retention, athletics, student life (including universal orientation), the budget, facilities needs and plans, and career services. In addition,

  • The Committee on Buildings, Grounds & Equipment recommended and the Board approved a resolution authorizing the College to enter into a contract for design and construction documents for a new health services and student counseling building.
  • Three new alumni trustees joined the Board: Daniel Fielding '07, Matthew Fremont-Smith '84 and Elizabeth Marran K'77.

The Board will meet again on December 3 in New York City in conjunction with the 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend.

All best,

David Wippman


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