The following links are a repository of statements, announcements, campus updates, and other writings and remarks by President Wippman since he was named Hamilton’s 20th president.

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  • The Board of Trustees’ annual June meeting coincided this year with Hamilton’s largest ever Reunions weekend. More than 2,300 alumni joined us for ‘One Hill of a Party.’

  • The Board of Trustees held its annual March meeting last weekend, and for the first time in two years the trustees enjoyed the opportunity to gather on campus.

  • Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

    On Friday, Dec. 3, the Board of Trustees held its annual winter meeting in New York City in conjunction with the 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend. Attendees were grateful to have the meeting in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic, although some trustees joined via Zoom.

  • On Friday, Oct. 1, the Board of Trustees held its annual fall meeting via Zoom.

  • On Friday, June 11, the Board of Trustees held its annual summer meeting via Zoom. We expect to return to in-person meetings this fall.

  • The Board of Trustees held its annual March meeting via Zoom on Friday, March 5. As with the last two meetings, the agenda was significantly shorter than is typical when the board meets in person.

  • The Board of Trustees held its annual December meeting over Zoom on Friday, Dec. 4. The meeting agenda was significantly shorter than usual because of the format, and even our traditional 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend events migrated online this year.

  • I am writing to provide the campus with a summary of the quarterly Board of Trustees meeting that was held over Zoom on Friday, Oct. 2. The meeting was shorter than usual because of the Zoom format.

  • Over the weekend the Board of Trustees convened for its annual December meeting in New York City. We started the morning with a presentation by Sam Welch '86, associate vice president for constituent engagement, on the career-advising curriculum and industry-based programming that is heavily supported by successful alumni professionals. Margaret Gentry, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, and Tara McKee, professor of psychology and associate dean of students for academics, then presented an overview of the College’s developing initiative for advising and engaged learning, ALEX (Advise, Learn, and Experience). They explained how the integrated, team-based advising of ALEX will guide students on combining a broad liberal arts education with opportunities to complete research, immersive off-campus study, career-exploration, and community-engaged learning.

  • I write to report on the quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees and to express gratitude to all who helped make Fallcoming and Family Weekend such a success. More than 1,600 alumni, parents, and trustees were in Clinton for the weekend. I especially want to thank our colleagues in Advancement and Facilities Management who planned and executed dozens of events, and those members of the faculty who welcomed visitors into their classes and prepared our students for presentations and performances.


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