Yes, below are the specifics of each:

Writing-intensive – Students need to pass three writing-intensive courses (signified by a W following the course number), each course must be taken in a different semester and at least one needs to be outside their major or majors. Also, math and courses taught in a foreign language may only be counted once. To see if any of your transfer courses qualify as a writing-intensive course, please submit a course description (or syllabus) and writing assignments for that particular course to the Director of the Writing Center. You may wait until you arrive on campus to do this.

QSR – A list of courses that satisfy the QSR (Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning) requirement may be found on Web Advisor. These courses have a significant quantitative/mathematical component to them.  Students at Hamilton need to successfully pass one designated QSR course. To see if any of your transfer courses qualify as a QSR course, please contact Benjamin Smith in the QSR Center (basmith@hamilton.edu).

PE – Unless a student has medical excuse from a doctor, all students must pass a swim assessment, a fitness assessment and either 3 PHYED courses OR 2 PHYED courses and participation on a varsity sports team within 3 ½ semesters. Transfer students have one extra semester to complete this requirement without penalty.  Prior PE courses may count towards this requirement, please contact Miriam Merrill (mmerrill@hamilton.edu), once you arrive on campus.

Students normally declare their concentration during the second semester of their sophomore year.  Depending upon how many credits you enter with, you will have up to 3 semesters to declare.However, if you are awarded “junior standing”, you must declare a concentration upon matriculation*. Once this decision is made you will need to complete a “Declaration of Concentration” form, issued to you by the Office of the Registrar.  Students may double major; have a major and one minor; or, have a major and two minors.

*per the 2019-20 College Catalogue.

Transfer students follow the College requirements of the catalogue of the year they enter Hamilton. Transfer students follow the concentration requirements of the catalogue of the semester they declare their concentration.

Yes, as long as you have completed at least two full semesters at Hamilton. If you are interested in studying abroad, please contact the Office of Off-Campus Study once you arrive on campus.

While working with the Office of the Registrar on registration, the office will confirm with department Chairs about equating classes that will be used as pre-reqs during this initial registration period. After that, students are encouraged to talk directly to department Chairs to see if the course(s) is eligible to be equated to a Hamilton course. An email from the department Chair to the Office of the Registrar will suffice to make the change. However, if the student decides to study away once they’re matriculated, they must follow the procedure for transferring credit back to Hamilton.


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