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What do I do if the course I want is closed?

You have several options if you encounter a closed course: You can be placed on the waitlist for the course. You can register for an alternate course. If you have alternate courses selected, it is better to add them to your schedule now. You can always drop the course later

How does the Waitlist work?

Waitlists are kept once a course closes, but students still try to register. The waitlist is sent to the instructor, who decides if and how they will allow students into their closed courses. If you are interested in a closed course, YOU must contact the instructor directly to see if they are able to sign students in. Many instructors will ask you to wait until the first class meeting to see how many available seats they have.

Should I use Synonym Numbers?

In Express Registration, you have the option to enter the Synonym Number or the Course Number (DEPT, NUMBER, SECT, TERM). Either method is acceptable. If you use the synonym – YOU MUST ONLY ENTER THE SYNONYM AND TERM If you use the course number – YOU CAN NOT ALSO USE THE SYNONYM

How should I move around in WebAdvisor?

Although you can use the Back button in WebAdvisor on a PC, you should NEVER use the back button while doing anything in registration. Use the Menu button at the top or bottom of the screen, or use the Features listed at the bottom of some screens (Register For Classes, My Class Schedule).

How do I know that my courses were accepted?

After you have submitted your course choices and you get the registration confirmation screen, you should check MY CLASS SCHEDULE for the term to see exactly what you have. If it isn’t on the MY CLASS SCHEDULE screen for the correct term, you are NOT registered.

Writing Intensive and Lab Courses

You must enter the W or L immediately after the course number for Writing Intensive and Lab courses.

Can I login to more than one computer?

While possible, when you login to more than one computer at the same time, all you are doing is slowing the login process for you and everyone else. Just be patient and our login will be accepted when it has passed through the system

What happens if I double click on the Submit button?

If you double click, you will probably get an error. Click on any SUBMIT button only 1 time. If you get an error, you should select the MENU button and start from WebAdvisor for Students again. This will actually result in a faster response than trying to resubmit.

How many courses can I register for?

You can register for 4 full-credit courses and an additional .75 units of partial credit courses. If you plan to take a 5th full-credit course, you must wait until the 1st week of classes to add the course.

Key Dates
Important Deadlines

Key Dates

Aug. 24: classes begin
Sept. 1: last day to add a course
Sept. 15: last day to exercise credit/no credit option
Oct. 11: last day to declare leave of absence for fall 2017
Oct. 18: last day to drop a course
Dec. 8: classes end
Dec. 11-15: final exams

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