Pull Options

In an effort to enable groups of students to live together, options to pull-in friends may be available during the mid-year housing selection in certain areas of campus.  Pull-ins for the mid-year housing selection will only be available where an entire room or apartment that houses multiple students is vacant. For example, if a double, triple or quad room is open you may select this room and then pull in other participants in the mid-year housing selection to fill the space (guidelines below must be followed). Note: You may NOT pull-in a student that already has campus housing for the spring semester.


  1. You have the ability to pull-in other students who are eligible for the mid-year housing selection, or to be pulled-in, depending on who has the best housing selection number.
  2. If you are involved in a pull-in, your group must completely fill the room/apartment you are selecting.
  3. All students (and/or their designated proxies) must be present at the time the pull-in area is selected.
  4. The area you are attempting to select must be designated as a pull area by Residential Life

Please see our gender inclusive housing policy.

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