Housing Lottery

The Office of Residential Life staff has spent a great deal of time discussing various issues pertaining to the housing lottery including locations for pull-ins, first-year rooms and specialty areas. You may contact us with any lottery questions you may have and we would be happy to help you throughout the process.



In order to participate in the housing lottery process, you must register for classes for the upcoming fall semester AND your financial accounts must be clear. If either of these conditions is not met, you will not be able to select a room through the housing lottery process. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact either the Registrar or the Business Office. If you do not clear your Business Office account by the time you return in August, you will not be issued a room key.

Specialty Options

Specialty houses give students the ability to live in more unique housing options on campus. Specialty options can be chosen in the General Lottery on April 22 with the exception of Rogers, which will be offered in the Substance-Free lottery. (Should any rooms remain after the lottery, those rooms will be offered in the general lottery.)

Lottery Information

  • Any attempt to manipulate the housing lottery process and/or change room assignments during or after the housing lottery is a severe policy violation.
  • In an effort to enable large groups of students (up to 6) to live together, an option to pull-in friends is available in certain areas of campus.
  • All areas on campus are gender inclusive except Kirkland 2nd floor (Female Rooms Only) and Kirkland 1st floor (Male Rooms Only).
  • First-year spaces include Keehn, Major, Dunham (basement, 1st and 2nd floors and part of the 3rd floor), North, South (3rd and 4th floors), Wallace Johnson and Wertimer.

  • Students planning to study off campus for the fall semester should not participate in the lottery. If you select a room in the lottery and then later decide to take a leave of absence, the space you selected will be given to another student.

  • Students who have a high (potentially perceived as “bad”) number must still show up at the lottery. Students that do not attend the lottery will be placed on the bottom of the fall Housing Wait List regardless of original lottery number. You will be far better off if you show up.

  • When you select a room in the lottery process, you have committed to that room for the entire academic year.

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