Meal Plans

Class Year Requirements

  • Sophomores will be assigned to the 21 meal plan.
  • Juniors and seniors may select either the 14 or 21 meal plan.
  • Only students (regardless of class year) living in Bundy East and West Apartments, Griffin Road Apartments, Farmhouse Apartments, Kirkland 4th Floor Loft Apartments, Rogers Estate, Saunders House, or faculty apartments in Minor, Milbank, and McIntosh have the option to select the 7 meal plan, in addition to the 14, or 21 meal plans.
  • Students living in Woollcott will be assigned a special meal plan.
  • All students MUST be on a meal plan.

Important Notes

  • The 7 meal plan includes any 7 meals per week for those in Saunders, off campus, or apartments (see above list).
  • The 14 meal plan includes any combination of 14 meals per week for juniors and seniors only.
  • The 21 meal plan includes unlimited meals available to any student.

Meal Plan Rates

The most current meal plan rates can be found here.

Contact Information

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