Proxy Information

If you are unable to be present at a housing lottery, you will need to find a proxy.  The housing proxy will act on your behalf to handle all aspects of the housing lottery process (signing up if you are participating in the blocking lottery (other lottery sign ups happen online), selecting your room, etc.).  It is your responsibility to designate a proxy at least 3 business days prior to any lottery process (Blocking, Co-Op, Substance Free and General Lotteries) in which you may participate.  Proxy designations after these deadlines will not be recognized.  Please stop by the Office of Residential Life to complete a Housing Proxy Form or you may designate a housing proxy via e-mail by completing the Housing Proxy Form online at the Residential Life webpage and sending it to us (no signature is needed as long as the email comes from your Hamilton account).  Please complete this form with as much detail as possible to make the process of selecting a room easier for your proxy.  The Office of Residential Life will serve as your proxy if you would prefer, but you MUST specify that you would like us to do so in your proxy form.

**Note** Please be aware that your proxy form is not a binding agreement. However, the room selected by your proxy IS binding and cannot be changed, so it is important that you let your proxy know your exact preferences. Please indicate your housing proxy as well as any specific information about the type of room you would like on your form. If you do not designate a housing proxy and do not attend the housing lottery, you will be placed on the Fall Housing Waitlist.

For Students Acting as Proxies

If you are acting as a housing proxy for a student currently abroad or who is currently on campus and cannot attend the lottery process of their choice, please be sure to arrive on time and prepared for that lottery.  You must bring your Hamilton ID to the appropriate housing lottery process in order to act as a proxy. Please remember to select housing based on the preferences of the person for whom you are a proxy. 

**Note** Be sure to check with the person for whom you are a proxy to find out if they are interested in the Co-Op, Substance-Free or Blocking lottery options.

Contact Information

Residential Life

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