Club Leader Information

Online Database

  • Visit the Organization Database.
  • Select your organization. If you are creating a new student organization, select Add Organization.
  • All organizations must fill in the organization information under each tab as necessary.
    • Under Constitution, you must write your organization's constitution. You can find a template on the Resources page. You will also need to acknowledge the Anti-Hazing and Discrimination policies.
    • The description under the Organization Information will be published as the organization's description on the Student Activities site.

Benefits of Being Recognized

Recognized Student Organizations are granted the use of these benefits:

  • College Name
  • Campus facilities
  • Student Organization mailbox
  • Authorization to collect membership dues & raise funds
  • Access to an on-campus Financial Account (SA or Liability)
  • Opportunity to request funds
  • Access to Student Activities resources and website
  • Access to an Organization email address and Campus Listservs

Using Campus Listservs

Website Hosting

Free website hosting is available on the hamilton.edu server. To create a website, a representative must attend a SiteManager Workshop with LITS or schedule a training session by contacting Maureen Scoones at mscoones@hamilton.edu.

Logistical Support

To help with any of the logistics such as publicity, transportation, technology, student organizations are granted these options:

  • College Vans
  • Print Shop
  • Creation of an SSS Server Space
  • Cashbox Lending Service
  • Sound and Tech support are available for events.
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