Ideas and Planning

  • Consider the types of event, what the event should accomplish, your audience, and what your organization can reasonably handle.
  • Check the Events Calendar for availability. The request your event. Select “Events@Hamilton” if the event is open to the public.


  • Consider all costs including food and clean-up.
  • Make a list of all your expenses.
  • Request the appropriate funding in advance of the event and submit the appropriate paperwork to Student Activities.


CACC Meetings

The Campus Activities Coordinating Committee (CACC) is a weekly meeting for the planning of successful events. The meetings occur in the Sadove Conference Room (Sadove 112) every Tuesday at 12 p.m.  Representatives of Student Activities, Event Calendar, Facilities Management, Audio/Visual, Event Staff, Campus Safety, and Bon Appétit attend to iron out any bumps in the planning of your events, including logistical details you may not have anticipated. Students do not need an appointment to attend a CACC Meeting. Organizations are encouraged to attend CACC meetings.

Divide and Conquer

  • Delegate responsibilities to members of your organization. Meet as necessary to make sure tasks are finished.
  • Consult with your E-Board, advisor, or the Student Activities Office to be sure you've covered all your bases.


  • Publicity is an important part of planning successful events.
  • Consider email, social media, table fliers, Print Shop posters. You can draw posters too, using the paint and paper in the Sadove third floor Resource Room.
  • Be creative in your publicizing. Remember that people will not come to what they don't know is happening.

After the Event

  • Clean up the venue, take down any posters/flier you distributed, return the resources, and pay for any costs.

Other Information


  • Students may not, under any circumstances, sign a contract.
  • The Director and Assistant Director of Student Activities are authorized to sign contracts and negotiate pricing.
  • Organizations can contact artists to discuss availability and pricing, but may not enter into an agreement.


  • Be sure you’ve received approval for the funding.
  • If there is a contract, make sure you have the appropriate information regarding Social Security Numbers, payment information, and W-9 forms.
  • Be timely in your paperwork processing.

Food Service and Catering

  • Bon Appétit offers a wide variety of options for catering including:
    • Catering with meal exchange - your event's guests will have their meal deducted from their meal plan
    • Travel food
  • Organizations must request catering at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Outside caterers must have proof of liability insurance and NYS Health Department certification paperwork on file with the Office of Administrative Services.
  • If your event will be preparing its own food, you must complete a food waiver. The waiver is available at the Student Activities Office or Auxiliary Services.
  • Food with common allergens must be labeled.


In order to show a film, regardless of admission price or audience size, your organization must obtain the rights to show the film. Showing a film on a college campus does not count as “educational.” Prices can range from $150-550 depending on the film. A/V will not be needed to show a film in classrooms or auditoriums.

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