Reserving a Space

Reservations for social spaces for events with alcohol will take place through a lottery at the beginning of each semester. Spaces that are available after the lottery will be available through the Events Calendar by submitting a web request form for an available date, time and space. Please indicate in the "comments" section if your event will include alcohol. You will also need to complete and submit a Social Host Responsibility Form (SHRF) 48 hours prior to your event.

  • Events to be greater than 100 require a minimum of three working days notice and attendance at a meeting of the Campus Activities Coordinating Committee (CACC) on the Tuesday prior to the program. CACC meets every Tuesday at 12PM in the SDV 112 (Sadove Student Center Conference Room).
  • Events at which the attendance will not exceed 100 guests require a minimum 48 hours notice. CACC attendance is recommended, but not required.

Facility Usage

After 4 p.m. on the day of the event, come in person to the Information Desk in the Sadove Student Center and pick up the clipboard and key to the facility.

  • Each facility will have its own clipboard on which the following material will secured: a copy of the approved reservation form; a copy (if applicable) of the approved SHRF; a set of guidelines for usage and cleaning of the space; a list of emergency procedures and contacts; the key to the facility and the sound system; and your approved number of bracelets.
  • Return the clipboard to the Information Desk in the Sadove Student Center no later than 11AM on the day following the event, including Friday and Saturday night programming, so that it may be prepared for the next reservation.

Events at which alcohol is to be served must be programmed in accordance with the Hamilton College Alcohol Policy and the Policy for Student-Sponsored Social Events With Alcohol as they appear in the student handbook. 

Hamilton College Policy for Student-Sponsored Social Events With Alcohol/Social Host Responsibility Form

Alcohol may only be served in Bundy, the Bristol Hub, and Tolles Pavilion (Annex) A and B.  For a description of each venue, visit the list of Campus Venues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my party be and how late can I serve?

The serving of alcohol must be limited to a 4 hour time block, and it must end by 2 a.m. You may reserve certain spaces past 2 a.m., but you cannot serve alcohol past that time

What is a CACC meeting?

Every Tuesday at 12pm representatives from Student Activities, Campus Safety, AV, Student Event Staff, Facilities Management, and Bon Appetit get together to discuss the week's upcoming events. Any questions or requests you have for your event can and will be addressed at this meeting. (i.e. Do you need tables? Do you need sound support? Do you need additional security? Do you need staging or lighting?) You are required to attend this meeting if you expect more than 100 people at your event. Not sure what's available in a facility? Come to a CACC meeting.

When is my Social Host form due?

Consult the chart below. However, a good, consistent rule of thumb is 48 hours before your event. If your party is Saturday, the form is due by 4pm on Thursday….if your party is Friday, your form is due by 4pm on Wednesday. No exceptions.

Can you provide the stuff my band needs?

Come to a CACC Meeting. Generally, if you have contracted the services of a band to play at your event you must confirm the amount of power the band will require to support their sound and lighting equipment. If the band requires a power supply of more than 110 volts, you will need to arrange for a College electrician to assist with the power requirements. We cannot provide technical support in the Hub. Please plan to use the Tolles Pavilion (Annex) for events which require sound support

Student-Sponsored Event With Alcohol

When an organization, group, or individual is sponsoring an event at which beer and/or wine will be served – and if guest cannot attend the event without purchasing a ticket – then a temporary beer/wine permit is necessary.

The sponsoring organization, group, or individual must apply for the permit 15 days prior to the scheduled event. The fee for a beer/wine permit is $25. To obtain an application from the State Liquor Authority, call 518.474.7604.

You may not sell tickets to an event or charge admission unless you have a temporary beer and wine license or have hired a third party caterer.

Full Annex and Bundy Parties

Parties with up to 150 guests require at least 1 social host. Events with 150-250 guests require at least two social hosts. For parties with an expected attendance greater than 250, a graduated system of social hosting will be employed. For every additional 50 guests, 1 additional social host will be required. For example:

150 guests = 1 Social Host

250 guests = 2 Social Hosts

300 guests = 3 Social Hosts

350 guests = 4 Social Hosts

400 guests = 5 Social Hosts

450 guests = 6 Social Hosts

500 guests = 7 Social Hosts

550 guests = 8 Social Hosts

In addition, an hourly door and bar schedule must provided and approved by the Director of Student Activities prior to the event.

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