Cash Box Request

You can request a Cash Box for one of your events if you are selling items (e.g. bake sale), collecting donations, or charging an admission fee. You can also request seed money to make change when you request this cash box.

Hill Card Reader (i-Validate) Request

You can request to use a Hill Card Reader for one of your events if you would like to collect donations or money from Hill Cards. The Hill Card readers allow for fundraising and sales when students, faculty, and staff do not have cash on them.

Cash Advance Request

You can request a Cash Advance to make purchases for your club or organization using your organization's funding. You must return all receipts for purchases made with the cash advance, and any outstanding change.

Purchase Card Request

You can request a Purchase Card to make purchases for your club or organization using your organization's funding. The purchase card allows you to go shopping for your organization, and is especially helpful for large purchases. If you would like to make an online purchase using a credit card, instead of using this form, please simply email Kaity Werner at kwerner@hamilton.edu to make an appointment.

Sadove Program Proposal Form

Student Activities has program coordinators that collaborate with individual and groups of students to host events in Sadove on evenings. Approved Sadove programs can be eligible for $$ funding from Student Activities for supplies and food! To apply to host a Sadove Program, please fill out this Sadove Program Proposal Form!

Late Nite Proposal Form

Student Activities works with student organizations to host Late Nite events on Friday (and some Saturday) nights from 9pm - 1am! These events are substance free, fun, engaging activities! We are currently not accepting proposals for the fall semester. We will be accepting proposals at the end of fall semester for the spring!

Student Organization Leader Manual

The Student Organization Leader Manual outlines the responsibilities of club leaders. It also gives guidelines on how to use the Student Activities Organization Database to manage your club information and resources for planning events.

Constitution Template

The Constitution Template gives an outline of your organization's constitution. You can fill in each clause as necessary. The Constitution is a necessary part of your organization and will need to be uploaded to the Organization Database.


Transportation and Jitney

The Jitney is a student-run transportation service that runs on a schedule to local destinations in New Hartford and Utica. The Jitney leaves from Sadove Circle. Hamilton has other transportation options as well, including Zipcars and public bus service.

Campus Cable TV and Movies

Sadove carries a campus television package and a sports package. Organizers can take advantage of Sadove's sports package and TV listings for their events.

Students can also take advantage of our movies package. Students can stream movies from the site or on their mobile devices by downloading the Swank Media Player app for free.

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