Opportunity Programs

Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)

The Opportunity Programs office is located in McEwen Hall 104.

Parents' "Connected" Day 2011

These pictures feature students and their families during the Parents' "Connected" Day 2011 at Hamilton College.

Athina Chartelain '13 and Family
Jonice Mendoza '14 and Family
Debbie Chen '13 and family
Chun Wan Tse '14 and Family
Michael Reyes '14 and Family
Kenny Mai '13 and family
Jennifer Roberts '14 and Carol Hind
Justin Brown '14 and Family
Nzaba Fonseca Sabune '12 and Family
Will Tifft '14 and family
Luxsika Junboonta '13 and family
Kathy Lee '11 and sister Keely
Morolake Thompson '14 and mother
Rico Welch '14 and family
Joe Anderson '13 and mother
Barsha Baral '13 and family
InJun Lyo '11 and father
Kevin Tutasig '13 and family
Shaquan Phillip '14 and family
Sim Janjua and family
Jimmy Nguyen '14 and mother
Jelissa Batista '13 and family
Nanyamka Keyane Fleming '14 and mother
Galia Slayen '13 and Robert Simon
Ysmerlyn Baez '11 and family
Wendy Look '11 and family
John Summa '12 and family with Ms Breland