Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Lottery Guidebook

Substance-Free Lottery

Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, April 4 by noon.

A link to the online sign up form will be distributed.

Substance-Free Lottery:

Wednesday, April 6 at 7pm in the Annex

Substance-Free housing will be located in Anderson Road Apartments, Root, Kirkland, and Rogers Estate residence halls for 16-17 academic year. In choosing this option, you will live in an environment free of alcohol and drugs. Residents agree to confront other students found disrupting this environment. If a resident is found under the influence of alcohol, they may face judicial action and/or may be required to move to another residence hall. 

Root Pulls:

Root 420 (D), 421 (D) - (4 pull)

Kirkland Pulls:

Kirkland 401A (D), 401B (D) - (4 pull)
Kirkland 402A (D) – (2 pull)
Kirkland 403A (D) – (2 pull)
Kirkland 404A (D), 404B (D) - (4 pull)

Rogers Estate Pulls:

Rogers 201 (D), 202 (D)
Rogers 203 (S), 204 (T)
Rogers 207 (D), 208 (S)
Rogers 209 (S), 210 (S)

Anderson Road Pulls:

Apartment A- 1 single, 1 double and 1 triple - (6 Pull)
Apartment B- 3 singles and 1 double - (5 Pull)

Important Note:

If you decide to choose a substance free living environment, you must agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and expectations that govern that living community as outlined in your housing contract and the Residential Life Policies and Procedures section of your Student Handbook. If you violate any part of this contract, you may be asked to leave the specialty house/floor.