1. College President
    David Wippman

    1. VP for Administration & Finance
      Karen Leach

      1. Associate VP for Finance & Controller
        Carol Gable

      2. Director of Human Resources
        Steve Stemkoski

      3. Associate VP for Facilities & Planning
        Roger Wakeman

      4. Director of Procurement Admin Services
        Lucy Burke

      5. Chief Investment Officer
        Anne Dinneen

      6. Director of Environmental, Protection, Safety and Sustainability
        Brian Hansen

      7. Director of Campus Events & Scheduling
        Lisa Magnarelli

    2. VP for Libraries & Information Technologies
      Joe Shelley

      1. Director of Enterprise Information Systems
        Marty Sweeney

      2. Director of Technology Infrastructure
        Dave Roback

      3. Director of Learning & Research Services
        Beth Bohstedt

      4. Director of Metadata & Digital Strategies
        Shay Foley

      5. Director/ Curator of Special Collections Archives
        Christian Goodwille

      6. Director of Institutional Research
        Jasmine Yang

      7. Director of Information Security and Privacy
        Jerry Tylutki

    3. VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty
      Suzanne Keen

      1. Associate Dean of Faculty
        Nathan Goodale
        (Arts and Sciences)

      2. Associate Dean of Faculty
        Penny Yee
        (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Phys. Ed.)

      3. Dean of Engaged Education
        Kathy Wolfe

      4. Assistant Dean of Academic Finance
        Nicolas de la Riva

      5. Director of Sponsored Programs & Grants
        Jeff Ritchie

      6. Director of Athletics
        Jon Hind

      7. Director of Wellin Museum
        Tracy Adler

      8. Registrar
        Kristin Friedel

    4. VP and Dean of Students
      Terry Martinez

      1. Associate VP for Student Affairs
        Jeff Landry

      2. Assistant Dean of Students for Student Engagement
        Travis Hill

      3. Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion
        Maria Genao-Homs

      4. Associate Dean of Students for Academics
        Adam Van Wynsberghe

      5. Associate Dean of Students for Student Support Services
        Sarah Solomon

    5. VP for Enrollment Management
      Monica Inzer

      1. Dean of Admissions
        Peaches Valdes

      2. Assistant VP for Enrollment Management & Director of Financial Aid
        Cameron Feist

    6. VP for Advancement
      Lori Dennison

      1. Executive Director of Advancement Operations
        Joni Chizzonite

      2. Associate VP for Advancement
        Joe Medina

      3. Associate VP for Constituent Engagement
        Sam Welch

      4. Executive Director of Individual Giving & Donor Relations
        Amy Palmer Ellis

    7. VP for Marketing & Communications
      Melissa Richards

      1. Associate VP of Communications
        Mike Debraggio

      2. Senior Director of Marketing & Analytics
        Tim O’Keeffe

      3. Senior Director of Visual Communications
        Mark Mullin

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